Clean & Green Job Trends

(from our May Newsletter)
Venture capital investment has dried up over the last few years, with 2009 being one of the worst years ever; that said clean energy investment declined by only 6.6%. 2010 is showing encouraging signs of recovery and is predicted to grow by 25% to $200 billion according to Pew. Quarter 1 of this year shows NASDAQ indices up over last year: CELS (clean energy industries) and QGRD (electric/Smart Grid) are both up nearly 50%; QWND (wind related industries) is up 32%.

Investment in the clean energy sector is picking up via government stimulus investment at home and abroad: $100 billion in the US. In fact clean energy’s portion of the VC pie increased to its largest piece in 2009. Last year’s revenues of the solar PV, wind and biofuels expanded over 2008, reaching $139b according to CleanEdge Clean Energy Trends 2010 report.

This investment translates to a powerful job outlook. The authors of the Clean Energy Trends report predict an almost 10-fold increase in employment in the Solar Photovoltaics sector between 2009 and 2019, and Wind Power should more than double. Factors that will affect the investment and growth in these green industries include cap and trade and other government policies and legislation, funding (VC, grants, loans, tax credits, direct investment, private-public partnerships, incubators and clusters), the increasing affordability of materials/technologies, larger scale deployment of infrastructure.

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