High Tech Job Trends

According to the TechAmerica Foundation’s 13th Cyberstates 2010 report, the American high-tech industry saw jobs decrease by 245,600 in 2009, that is 5.9 million workers.  This 4% decline is however better than the private sector’s 5.2% decline overall. Software services saw job growth of over 10,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009, a 1% increase.

Cyberstates 2010 Key State Findings – from their website.

  • (2008 data are the most recent available at the state level.)
  • The leading states by high-tech employment in 2008 were California (993,300), Texas (492,400), New York (312,300), Florida (292,300), and Virginia (283,400).
  • California led the nation in net tech job creation in 2008, adding 15,700 jobs. The next largest gains occurred in Texas (+14,700), Washington (+9,300), Massachusetts (+6,300), and Virginia (+5,700).
  • For the fourth straight year, Virginia led the nation in concentration of high-tech workers in 2008, with 95 high-tech workers per 1,000 private sector workers.

Read the TechAmerica Press Release U.S. High-Tech Industry Sheds 245,600 Jobs in 2009

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