Priority Job Opportunities in Green Energy from Redfish Technology

Great Career Opportunities & Priority Jobs from Redfish Technology – This week’s priorities include: Vice President roles in Solar – Nevada and Northern California, Director of Engineering  – PV Cell Manufacturing, Development Engineer and Financial Manager in Geothermal – Nevada, PV Engineers – East Coast to West Coast, Various Engineers in Electric/Hybrid Vehicles, Various Technicians in Atlanta Solar, Positions in Canada including Wind Project Development, MES- SQL Server DBA.

16896 Vice President of Solar Development-Utility Scale Concentrated Solar. Henderson, NV
16921 Vice President, Design-Commercial Solar PV, North Bay, CA.
17002 Director of Engineering-PV Cell Manufacturing, NY State.
17001 Purchasing Manager – US Operations. Global Geothermal Power Producer. Reno, NV.
17000 Financial Reporting Manager. Global Geothermal Power Producer. Reno, NV.
16554 Development Engineer. Geothermal Power Company. Reno, NV.
16996 PV Engineer-Solar Cell Manufacturing, NY State.
16990 Commercial PV System Designer-Regional Commercial Drafter. Solar Energy Solutions. MA or VT
16987 Commercial Project Engineer-PV Systems. Solar Energy Solutions.VT, MD, MA
16868 Project Development Manager-Wind Power. Chicago IL
16373 Electrical Engineer – EV-HEV. Power Mgmt & Conversion Systems. SoCal.
16357 Software Engineer – EV-HEV. Power Mgmt & Conversion Systems. SoCal.
16872 Electrical Engineer.  Electric Vehicles. SF
16988 Embedded Software Engineer. Electric Vehicles. SF
16975 Maintenance Technician. Solar Cell Manufacturer. Atlanta Area
16976 Shift Engineering Technician. Solar Cell Manufacturer. Atlanta Area
16862 Equipment Project Engineer – Solar Cell Manufacturing. Atlanta Area
16867 Project Development Manager-Wind Power. Toronto Canada
16565 MES- SQL Server DBA -Developer. Toronto, Canada.
16895 Senior Project Development Manager. Utility Scale Wind and Solar PV. Vancouver BC

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