Green Economy Gets Nasdaq Indexes

NASDAQ and launched the Green Economy Indexes this month (Sept 23rd), offering a complete family of indexes to track the growing environmental and clean-energy sector. It will cover the world’s green stocks with a market cap of $50 million or higher, comprised of over 350 securities in 13 distinct sectors.

The Green Economy Index covers the green economic landscape and is designed “to capture the broadest universe of companies, including natural resources, healthy living, green building and efficient lighting, smart grid, green IT and water”,  notes Rona Fried, Ph.D., CEO of

“The NASDAQ OMX Green Economy Index provides a global investment benchmark for institutional and retail investors,” said John Jacobs, Executive Vice President, NASDAQ OMX Global Index Group. “Amid the transition from a fossil based economy to the sustainable nature of the green economy, NASDAQ OMX continues to play a leading role in benchmarking the companies and sectors that are engaged in developing environmentally enhancing goods and services.”

For more information about NASDAQ OMX’s Green Economy Index Family and the upcoming Green Economy Sector indexes, visit

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