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from the December 2010 Newsletter

2010 was a good year all in all.

VC investment in clean tech surged, the sector attracted 43% of new investment. The first 3 quarters of 2010 surpassed the whole of 2009. The big winners this year are transportation, biofuels, smart grid, energy efficiency, and solar.

Electric vehicles are now the fastest growing sector. Manufacturing, sales & service jobs will be created/transformed in the reborn auto industry. In addition to VC investment, private companies with and without loan commitments are pouring dollars into technology, facilities and marketing.

There is also new attention to third and fourth generation biofuels, which are estimated to have a combined wholesale market value of $159 billion. The world’s dependence on petroleum-based transportation and the growing industrialization of populations in Asia will continue to gain share in the growing fuel market.

Smart grid is primed, according to GTM research the sector is projected to grow from a $5.6 billion market in 2010 to $9.6 billion in 2015, with superior growth predicted in the distribution automation segment, and a continued strong showing in the advanced metering infrastructure submarket.

Energy efficiency is gathering more momentum. According to Bracken Hendricks & Goodale upgrading just 40% of buildings in the US could generate 625,000 jobs and save $64 billion a year in energy bills. The US marketing for commercial and industrial LED lighting is expected to see $330 million of revenue in 2010, with potential to grow in 2011 at over 30%, surpassing $1 billion in annual revenues by 2014.

Solar remains a central focus of green energy investment. The utility PV market is valued at $1 billion annually with a potential estimated at 8 times that by 2015.

Great Resources

GTM Research
GTM Research, a Greentech Media company, provides critical and timely market analysis in the form of concise and long-form market research reports, monthly newsletters and strategic consulting services.

CleanTech Group Investment Reports
The Cleantech Group publishes in-depth reports on cleantech investing, tracking—among other factors—the growth of investment over time, which sectors are receiving investment and what the trends suggest.

Creating jobs and savings with energy efficiency
Article on “An insider’s view of climate science, politics, and solutions.” Bracken Hendricks is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Bill Campbell is chair of Energy RM, and Pen Goodale is the Director of Research for Equilibrium Capital Group.

The Green VCs to Grow
After the shock of the crunch, venture capitalists are once again pouring funds into cleantech. So who’s going to reap the fruits of their largesse? By Martin Wright, part of the Guardian Sustainable Business Network

Jobs Impact of a National Renewable Electricity Standard – RES Alliance.
The report shows that a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) of 25% by 2025 would result in a marginal increase of 274,000 American jobs. Job growth would occur in all states; biomass, hydropower and waste-to-energy industries, in particular, would see significant job growth. 

Clean Energy Trends 2010 – Pernick, Wilder, Gauntlett, Winnie, Clean Edge
A review of 2009 and projections for the last year. $100 billion of the $787 billion stimulus monies slated for clean-tech investments and activities; jobs are predicted to grow over the next decade by approximately 100% in Wind power, and 700% in Solar PV.

Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race? –  The Clean Energy Economy, PEW Charitable Trusts
There are reasons to be concerned about America’s competitive position in the clean energy marketplace. Relative to the size of its economy, the United States’ clean energy finance and investments lag behind many of its G-20 partners. For example, in relative terms, Spain invested five times more than the United States last year, and China, Brazil and the United Kingdom invested three times more.

The Power To Compete: American Power Act Analysis -The Breakthrough Institute & Americans for Energy Leadership
The American Power Act (APA) comes amidst growing recognition that the United States faces intensifying global competition to secure the economic rewards associated with rapidly growing international markets for clean energy technologies and related products and services.

How to Revitalize America’s Middle Class with the Clean Energy Economy – by The Blue Green Alliance
The new, green renewable energy economy is fundamentally different than our 20th century economy and its over-dependence on polluting fossil fuels imported from regions of the world often hostile to the United States.

Clean Tech Job Trends 2010 – Pernick, Wilder, Winnie, Clean Edge and The SJF Institute
The clean-energy sector is delivering new job and economic opportunities, as it moves from a once-marginalized niche to an increasingly cost-competitive, mainstream offering. There are many challenges facing the sector, but clean energy and more broadly, clean tech, offer some of the largest growth opportunities on the global economic horizon. As we highlight in this report, green jobs can pay well and span the spectrum from “green-collar” trade jobs to Ph.D.-level engineers.

2010 Global Cleantech 100 Report – Cleantech Group LLC
The hottest private companies are showcased and interesting trends are highlighted, such as geographical and sectorial movement, venture capital investment and return, and effects of the government investment in the industry.

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