Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology. This week’s top career opportunities are: Regional VP LED Lighting; US Biz Dev Director PV Projects; CFO Commercial PV; Director of Engineering PV Cell Manufacturing; Clean Energy Market Manager; PV Engineer; Equipment Project Engineer; Solar Technicians; Power Management Software Developer; and more!


17269 U.S. Business Development Director. PV Projects. SF, CA
17229 Application Engineer / Technical Sales Support Specialist. Solar Technologies. Roseville, CA.
17127 Regional Vice President of Sales. LED Lighting. Base CA or TX; Ter. West Coast
17336 Chief Financial Officer. Commercial PV Projects. Bay Area, CA.
17064 PV Systems Engineer. Infrastructure Development-Renewable Energy. No Bay, CA.
17128 HT & Green – Executive Recruiter High Tech and/or GreenTech. SV, ID


17320 Clean Energy Market Manager. Chemical Company. MI


17002 Director of Engineering-PV Cell Manufacturing, NY State 
16996 PV Engineer-Solar Cell Manufacturing, NY State
17320 Clean Energy Market Manager. Chemical Company. NJ
17180 Project Manager. PV Projects. NJ.
16455 PV Systems Engineer. Renewable Energy. NJ.
16832 Senior Account Executive-PV Project Sales. North East Region.


16975 Maintenance Technician. Solar Cell Manufacturer. Atlanta,GA.
16974 Project Engineering Technician.  Solar Cell Manufacturer. Atlanta, GA.
16862 Equipment Project Engineer – Solar Cell Manufacturing. Atlanta, GA.
16357 Software Engineer – EV-HEV. Power Mgmt & Conversion Systems. SoCal.

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