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By Greg Schreiner  

Of the many things I enjoy about recruiting, networking with green energy professionals is at the top of my list.  I will have an amazing opportunity to do this at the Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair, February 16th, 2011 in Berkeley, CA. 

CEO of Redfish Technology, Rob Reeves, will be participating on a panel discussing the Transition from High Tech to Green Tech and I will be talking with industry leaders and professionals on how to break into Green.   

Many professionals see the GreenTech sector as the next growth market and want to finds ways to transition into various industries with in this sector.  I have been actively involved with many different professionals with varied backgrounds from varied industries, helping them find ways to redevelop or rebrand themselves to make this transition.  It is not always easy and there are no overnight fixes but I am dedicated to helping point people in the right direction and the Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair is an event like many others that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to develop a positive network with others looking to transition and with companies looking to find hidden diamonds.  I look forward to continued discussions with folks that I have already connected with that are attending this event and to establishing new connections as well.   

I have had the opportunity to meet with many of my clients in the past and see how they operate internally.  I am looking forward to further building on those relationships at this event.   Many of my clients have expressed interest in this event, some of whom will be present, but I am also meeting with several companies in the area from Electric Vehicles to PV Project Integrators to Fuel Cell Developers that are in the area.  This is a great example of the exposure you will receive from attending and participate in Green industry events like this one.  

There are also so many ideas and innovations waiting to explode and redefine this industry and that may be what I am most excited about.  This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase those ideas and possibly connect with the right people to make their dreams and ideas a reality.  This country was founded by single great ideas and these same established principles are going to be what keeps our country in the front of Green Technology.  I am truly honored to part of an event that allows the necessary forum for idea sharing, innovative thinking, and ultimately next generation technology.   

Feel free to connect with me prior to or at the event.  I will make myself available as much as possible and will share my expertise on breaking into Green, “What hiring managers in different industries are looking for”, and will provide as many resources as possible.  Again, networking events like the Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair are an ideal resource and tool to make that next connection that possibly leads to your next career.  

Free Admission for Redfish fans!    Use the discount code redfish and register today!   

See you there! – Greg  

About Greg Schreiner:  

Greg has been recruiting in green sectors since 2007. He enjoys the complexity and challenges of working with both hiring managers and candidates in the exciting fields that make up Clean Technology and Alternative Energy.  You can learn more about Greg at:  

Green Recruiter Spotlight: Q & A with Redfish Technology” on the Green Collar Blog  

Breaking Into Green” by Greg Schreiner, Green Tech Recruiter  

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