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This week’s top high tech career opportunities are for Enterprise Software Director of Sales, Operations Manager, and Marketing Managers; Cloud Business Development Reps; Wireless Product managers; Data Management Sales Engineers; Data Mapping Architects; Ruby and Hadoop Software Developers; PaaS Engineers; .NET Engineers in Mobile Security; Senior Product Development Engineer in Networking; Database Admin/ETL in Customer Engagement; Support Engineers in Routing and Backup and Recovery; and more. Here are the top priorities of the week:

Sales / Business Development / Marketing / Sales Engineer / Operations

#17987 Director of Sales- Enterprise Software. San Francisco, CA
#17507 Product Marketing Manager, Professional Services. Enterprise Software.  San Mateo, CA
#17776 Lead Product Marketing Manager – Enterprise Software. San Mateo, CA
#18020 Client Operations Developer – Unique Software/Business Role. New York, NY
#17840 Digital Graphic Designer – Direct Marketing. New York, NY
#17938 Sales Engineer – Web Middleware. San Francisco, CA
#17849 Business Development Rep, CRM – Cloud. Tewksbury, MA
#17668 Senior Product Manager -Wireless Networking. Berkeley, CA
#18070 Operations Manager – Enterprise Software – Cloud iPaaS. San Francisco, CA

Engineers / Development Leads / Software Developers

#18039 Senior Sales Engineer, Pre&Post – Data Management. East Coast or virtual
#17821 UI-Graphics Development Lead – Modeling and Analysis Software. Santa Clara, CA
#17612 .NET Software Engineer – Mobile Security. Bethesda, MD
#17723 Appliance Support Engineer – Cyber Intelligence. Arlington, VA
#18059 Senior Rails Developer – Website Services. Silver Spring, MD
#17868 Platform Software Engineer –  New Product Development. New York City
#18062 Senior Product Development Engineer (Cable) – Networking. San Jose, CA
#17790 Web UI/UX Engineer – Targeted Advertising Software. Columbia, MD
#16298 Software Engineer – Online Marketing. Boston, MA
#17786 Sr. Manager of Engineering, Platform Group – Search Engine Technology. San Jose, CA
#17717 Lead Architect – Data Mapper. San Francisco, CA
#17777 Software Engineer – Web Middleware. San Francisco, CA
#17936 Principal Software Engineer – Backup and Recovery, Research Triangle, NC

Tech Support / Client Services / Customer Support / Database Administrator

#17850 Senior Tech Support Engineer – Routing-Switching. Calabasas, CA
#17894 Sr. Manager Technical Support – Routing-Switching. LA, CA
#17783 Senior Database Administrator-ETL – Internet Customer Engagement. San Jose, CA
#17818 Senior Customer Support Engineer – Backup and Recovery. Palo Alto, CA

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