The Top 25 Tech Firms To Work For In 2011 and the Business Insider have put together a list of the top 25 Tech companies to work for. Exciting stuff!  Redfish Technology is proud to recruit for numerous companies on this list.

Do you think Facebook make the grade?

1. Guidewire

CEO, Marcus Ryu, received 100% approval by employees. One stated: “The company has been built on advanced software concepts, and in many respects, especially in Development, the atmosphere is like a graduate computer science department.”

2. Barracuda Networks  

CEO, Dean Drako, received an 88% approval rate. A staff member said: “You are challenged every day by your work and it is extremely satisfying by the end of the day. My goal is to make the customer happy and it is quite rewarding when you get the opportunity to speak to a satisfied customer.”

3. Rackspace

CEO, A. Lanham Napier, scored a 92% approval ranking. An employee reported: “Good culture, extremely laid back – but your best is expected. There are people in every team who hold their teammates accountable for quality work. Management tries to promote from within, so for the most part they are connected with what the needs of the team are.”

See all 25 on the Business Insider site.




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