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This week’s top high tech career opportunities are in Financial Software, Product Lifecycle Management, Mobile Platform, Cloud, Cyber Intelligence, Software as a Service, Enterprise Software, and more. We are recruiting for Corporate Sales, Territory Sales, Inside Sales Director, Client Operations Developer, Product Marketing Manager, Senior Web Marketing Manager, Data Analyst, Android Software Engineer, Front-End Developer, Java Developer; and more.

Sales / Account Executives / Director of Sales / Sales Training / Sales Operations

#18217 Corporate Sales Representative –  Financial Management & Accounting Software. San Jose, CA
#18280 Director of Inside Sales – SaaS. New York, NY
#18270 Territory Sales Manager – Web and Community Management Software. Remote position for Northeast Territory
#18251 Sales Trainer – eLearning-SaaS. Seattle, WA
#18209 Sales Engineer – Enterprise Software-Cloud. San Francisco, CA
#18250 Sales Operations Manager – eLearning-SaaS. Seattle, WA
#18180 Area Sales Representative – eLearning-SaaS. New York, NY
#18179 Area Sales Representative – eLearning-SaaS. Boston – New England
#18213 Corporate Sales (Inside Sales) – Data Storage. Redwood City, CA
#18020 Client Operations Developer – Unique Software/Business Role. New York, NY

Product Marketing / Data Analyst

#18146 Product Marketing Manager – Cloud-Enabling. Santa Clara, CA
#17776 Lead Product Marketing Manager – Enterprise Software. San Mateo, CA
#18185 Sr. Web Marketing Manager – SaaS. Brisbane, CA
#18249 Data Analyst – eLearning-SaaS. Seattle, WA

Software Developer / Engineer

#18263 Sr. Software Engineer – Front-end Development – Financial Software. New York, NY
#18296 Java Developer – Product Lifecycle Management Software. Campbell, CA
#18095 Staff Software Development Engineer – Subscription Management. San Jose, CA
#17970 Ruby on Rails Engineer, Agile Software – Enterprise. Brisbane, CA
#18096 Senior Software Engineer – Subscription Management. San Jose, CA
#18236 Android Software Engineer – Mobile Rich Media Ad Platform. New York, NY
#18237 Quality Assurance Engineer – Mobile Rich Media Ad Platform. New York, NY
#18238 Front-end Developer – Mobile Rich Media Ad Platform. New York, NY
#18109 Senior Software Engineer – Online Marketing Solutions . Boston, MA
#17868 Platform Software Engineer –  New Product Development. New York, NY
#17723 Appliance Support Engineer – Cyber Intelligence. Arlington, VA

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