Resume Review: Your 15-Second Sell

Joanna Bradley

Joanna Bradley

By Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager


The perfect resume may exist, luckily there is a whole lot of variety in the way we can craft a resume. No matter how you slice it, the key objectives are the same however. Your goal is to seize the average 15 seconds that a recruiter or hiring manager will accord your resume, and be the one he/she calls.

How do you do that?  Get answers to this question by reading Joanna’s article Resume Review: Your 15-Second Sell on the Redfish Technology website.


About Joanna Bradley:

Joanna leads the Technology Sales & Marketing team. Her passion for high tech and high paced demanding sales & marketing roles drives her find the brightest stars in the sector. She is motivated and perseverant and highly regarded by her peers and clients.

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