Greg Schreiner

Greg Schreiner

Job Boards and Social Media May Replace Recruiters…

By Greg Schreiner, Clean Tech Recruitment Manager


Many people believe that job boards are as useful as recruiters, and may even replace them. Companies post jobs on Monster and niche boards. Job seekers are using social media to target their next job. Anyone can post a job pitch on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. Networking is viral, right? So why work with a recruiter?

Ironically, using the internet and working with a recruiter are quite opposite methods of locating the talent you need. And yet both are useful of course.

Remember that expression about searching for a needle in a haystack? It refers to a difficult or impossible search for a particular object amongst a huge mountain of similar objects.

Recruiters are often enlisted for the more difficult or critical talent searches. Sometimes the company doesn’t have the dedicated resources to comb the pile of resumes that can result from a job posting or other talent outreach. Often if the hiring manager isn’t the one reading the resumes initially, and the right talent may be overlooked while the hiring manager is barraged by less qualified or less suitable potential candidates.

Despite the hype about social media and the new business models of paying a referral to someone who submits a friend for a job who eventually gets hired, most jobs are secured when the right talent is enticed by the right company’s opportunity and culture.

You need a well-written job description, and posting it on your website serves as outreach for active and passive candidate for today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities. But beware the time involved in sorting through resumes from job descriptions that are plastered all over the internet. But if you are serious about efficiently securing the top talent in your industry, you’ll get much farther much faster by using a professional.

A critical difference a recruiter can make is the ability and mission to woo prospects, even those currently employed, from specific target areas in a discreet and professional manner, thereby extending your talent pool reach. Working with a headhunter will increase your chance of finding the right candidates quickly. The reality is that good recruiters (and they won’t be around for long if they aren’t good) know how to find the needle in the haystack.

Your recruiter takes on the heavy lifting of sifting through job boards, mining their own database of professionals, conducting Boolean searches, and making hours of phone calls to network and chase down referrals. The recruiter will screen prospective candidates via in-depth interviewing, background checks, and references; and identify the right match between the talent and the company. Your recruiter will also help sell your company and the opportunity, and participate in successfully closing the candidate.

In the end, recruiters, companies and candidates have a whole variety of ways to meet. Despite the hype, social media and job boards will not take over the function of truly understanding a candidate’s value and abilities, and making the right matches for companies with which they work.

Recruiters know that success comes when long term partnerships are built and the highest level of satisfaction in career and talent matching is provided. So post your job descriptions and post your resume, and make sure you send a copy to your favorite recruiter.


About Greg Schreiner, Clean Tech Recruitment Manager

Greg Schreiner has a diverse business background as a team layer and individual contributor that serves him well in his role as the Clean Tech Recruitment Manager, serving GreenTech and Alternative Energy sectors. Greg’s passion for and expertise in the alternative energy space are readily apparent.

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