“What is Your Management Style?”
Asked the Interviewer

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The Redfish Technology Team

by the Redfish Technology staff

 Are you prepared to present your management savvy and experience in your next interview? Here are some questions to consider in preparing for the interview.


“What is your management style?”

Will you fit in in this company? Are you hands-on, hands-off? Are you task-oriented or results-oriented? Do you encourage bottom-up solutions, or take a top-down approach? Do you have an open-door policy? Are you paternalistic? Are you a coach? You should be able to accurately describe your style and how it would be complementary to the company with who you are interviewing.


“What is the most difficult part of being a manager?”

Where do your biggest challenges lie? Are you well-organized? How are your planning and execution skills? Can you prioritize? Is the bottom line omnipresent in your decision making? Are you able to make it happen on time and on budget? Do you play well with others? Can you motivate your team? Do you know how to listen and communicate effectively to your team? Do you present a clear vision and strategy? How are your technical skills?


“Are you a good manager?”

Are you? How can you effectively communicate your managerial ability? To answer this question you’ll want to discuss your background and experience, as well as education and training. Enumerate your managerial successes, focusing on concrete and measurable achievements. Provide examples that support your statements. You should be ready to provide recommendations from staff you have managed as well as your own previous managers.


“What do you look for when you hire people?”

The answer to this question can be very telling. The importance you place on skills and personality will communicate your own values and style. What are the traits, skillsets or backgrounds that you have identified for success as a part of your team? Do you hire people who are like you, or do you look for talent that can complement your own abilities or push your comfort zone? Do you look for people who you can move up through the organization, or do you look to build a loyal life-long team?


“Why are you looking for new opportunities?”

Every prospective employer will want to know why you are there. Provide the most honest and straightforward answer. Generally, you want to be brief as well. If you are looking for growth in responsibilities and pay, tell the interviewer. If you were laid off or terminated, state it and provide a succinct explanation. If there are problems or personality conflicts at your current place of employment, do not air dirty laundry, provide a professional response.



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