Priority CleanTech Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week our top recruiting priorities for Energy Efficiency Sales Executive, Sales Engineer & Energy Controls Technician; Photovoltaic Sales; Solar Technical Sales Engineer; PV Director of Operations; Energy Storage Process Engineer; Clean Vehicles Battery Engineer; Clean Energy Mechanical Engineer ; and much …

Sales / Sales Engineer / Business Development


#19479 Data Center Sales Engineer – Energy Efficiency. Chicago, IL

#19480 Data Center Sales Executive – Energy Efficiency. NY-NJ-CT

#19179 Business Development Manager – Energy Efficiency. Dallas, TX

#19180 Business Development Manager – Energy Efficiency. Houston, TX

#19428 East Coast Sales – Photovoltaic. Trenton, NJ

#19387 Technical Sales Engineer – Solar Energy. Newtown, PA


Operations / Solutions Development


#19430 Director of Operations and Business Development – PV Solar. Pleasanton, CA

#19431 Solutions Development Manager – Energy. Chicago, IL

#19432 Solutions Development Manager – Energy. Atlanta, GA


Engineering / Project Engineer / Chemical Engineer / Process Engineer


#19478 Engineer Controls Technician – Energy Efficiency. Chicago, IL

#18783 Director Hardware Engineer – AnalogDigital Board Level Design. Sunnyvale, CA

#19117 Battery Pack Systems Engineer– Clean Vehicles. Greenville, SC

#19138 Project Engineer – Solar Energy. Durham, NC

#19149 Project Engineer, Silicone on Glass Lens Molding – Clean Energy. Durham, NC

#19322 Chemical Engineer – Energy Storage. Pittsburgh, PA

#19323 Process Engineer – Energy Storage. Pittsburgh, PA

#19422 Senior Mechanical Engineer – Clean Energy. Pittsburgh, PA


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