Priority Green Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology 10/16/2012


This week our top GreenTech recruiting priorities are for Business Development, Data Center Sales Executive, Engineer Controls Technician – Energy Efficiency; Instrumentation & Controls Technician, Lead Plant Operator, Systems Administrator – Wholesale Power; Senior Mechanical Engineer – Clean Energy; Data Acquisition-SCADA Software Engineer, Senior Magnetics Design Engineer, Software Developer – Solar Technology; and much …

Energy Efficiency


#19179 Business Development Manager – Energy Efficiency. Dallas, TX
#19180 Business Development Manager – Energy Efficiency. Houston, TX
#19182 Business Development Manager – Energy Efficiency. Los Angeles, CA
#19479 Data Center Sales Engineer – Energy Efficiency. Chicago, IL
#19480 Data Center Sales Executive – Energy Efficiency. NY-NJ-CT
#19478 Engineer Controls Technician – Energy Efficiency. Chicago, IL

Wholesale Power / Energy Sales

#19607 Instrumentation & Controls Technician – Wholesale Power. Newington, NH
#19612 Lead Plant Operator – Wholesale Power. Newington, NH
#19606 Systems Administrator – Wholesale Power. Princeton, NJ
#19531 Energy Sales Rep – Networking Security Solutions. Ridgefield, CT

Solar / Clean Energy

#19549 Data Acquisition-SCADA Software Engineer – Solar Technology. San Francisco, CA
#19553 Senior Magnetics Design Engineer – Solar. Austin, TX
#19550 Software Developer – Solar Technology. San Francisco, CA Locus
#19422 Senior Mechanical Engineer – Clean Energy. Pittsburgh, PA

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