Pacific States Taking the Lead in Advanced Transportation, Green Buildings, Clean Electricity, and Clean Tech Investment

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You probably already know the Clean Edge State Clean Energy Index but have you seen the new Metro Clean Tech Index? This report evaluates the biggest 50 metro areas to highlight clean-tech leadership, innovation, and cluster development. The evaluation categories focus on four sectors: green buildings; advanced transportation; clean electricity & carbon management; and clean-tech investment, innovation, & workforce.

The leaders are:
1. San Jose, CA; 2. San Francisco, CA; 3. Portland, OR; 4. Sacramento, CA; 5. Seattle, WA.

California has been a leader in low-carbon electricity and minimal GHG emissions, and four of its five major MSAs rank in the top ten for least emissions from large facilities. San Jose is a center of innovation hub and benefits from a high concentration of clean-tech venture capital. It also has much of the patent activity, university technology development, and EV/HEV deployment. San Francisco leads across many evaluation criteria, the MSA has many LEED-certified buildings, consumes the cleanest electricity, and has a very efficient transportation network. Sacramento wins the distinction of highest clean economy job concentration. It also has proven to be an early adopter of electric vehicles, and boasts efficient buildings, many qualifying for Energy Star certification.

The neighbors to the north, Portland and Seattle, are leading electrified transportation and rank top for the quantity of EV charging stations (non-residential per capita). Portland also has the highest concentration of LEED projects in the nation. Portland has installed the most EV charging stations per capita. And the main utility, Portland General Electric, runs the leading green power purchasing program nationwide. Seattle takes second place in the number of EV charging stations nationwide and one of the most active LEED construction areas.



Clean Edge 2012 U.S. Metro Clean Tech Index
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