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Catching a wave is about timing, positioning and paddling hard.


In the recent book by technologist Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything, Saylor argues that coming indispensability of mobile technologies. This “the fifth wave of computer technology” will transform the possibilities of mobile computing on business, society, economies and everyday life.


Well, the fifth wave has already done this, and doubtlessly will continue to do so in ways we haven’t even imagined yet. From growing business opportunities in third world countries where there is a lack of what we consider basic business infrastructure, to providing educational opportunities elearning that build skills for the next generation of jobs globally, to managing energy consumption in our homes, mobile technology has already brought us extraordinary change to our daily lives.


Consumers are not the only ones embracing software and mobile applications. Traditional companies are becoming software companies that perform the functions of those traditional companies. Look at Amazon; they are a software company that sells books (and a whole lot of other products and services). Netflix is a streaming company that sells video viewing. Apple sells digital music. Skype sells telephone service. Disruptive technologies and their application are appearing faster than Moore’s law!


The innovative possibilities will only grow as the market grows. Comparing the number of people on the internet ten years ago to today: there were 50 million users on the internet who connected via dial up; today there are 2 billion internet users connecting in large part via broadband. By the end of this decade, there will be 5 billion smart phone users (Marc Andreessen interview on Companies spend about ¼ of trillion per year on software today, so imagine the investment in software, mobile apps, cloud, SaaS, as the number of users explodes.


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So where are the jobs? Taking note from some surfing tips, “it is all about timing, positioning, and paddling hard”. A look at job titles posted online (see graph), shows Java and Jquery, Ruby, Saas, Android, Ios, Mobile App, Html5, Hadoop, Mongodb, Puppet, Ecommerce amongst the top trending job skills that companies are recruiting for.


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