Priority Tech Jobs 2-5-13Recruiting Priorities: Cloud, SaaS, Enterprise, Wind & Solar Jobs

Redfish Technology Tuesday Jobs Madness

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This week our top Cloud, SaaS, Enterprise, Wind & Solar recruiting priorities are: Senior Project Manager – Cloud Computing;  CTI Engineer – SaaS ; Senior Back End Developer – eLearning; Business Development Enterprise – Price Management and Optimization Software; Senior UI Developer – Application Performance Management; Process Engineer – Energy Storage; I&E Technician – Wind; Manufacturing-Process Engineer – Energy Storage; and more.

Cloud / SaaS / PaaS

#19911 Senior Project Manager – Cloud Computing. Menlo Park, CA
#19901 CTI Engineer – SaaS Contact Center. Salt Lake City, UT
#19902 CTI Engineer – SaaS Contact Center. Pleasonton, CA
#19746 Lead User Interface Engineer – Cloud Security. San Mateo, CA
#19090 QA Engineer or Senior QA Engineer – Disruptive Cloud Platform Solution. San Francisco, CA
#19854 Senior Product Manager – Mobile Platform-as-a-Service. San Francisco, CA

eLearning / ePay /eCommerce

#19903 Senior Back End Developer – eLearning. Nashville, TN
#19266 Senior Backend Engineer PHP – ePayments. Palo Alto, CA
#19873 Implementation Manager – eLearning. Alabama
#19885 Regional Director of Managed Services – eLearning. Clark Co, NV

Enterprise / Business Process / Big Data / Data Intelligence

#19912 Business Development Enterprise – Price Management and Optimization Software. Mountain View, CA
#19767 Mobile Software Engineer – Business Process Management. Reston, VA
#19766 Senior Product Manager, Storage & Wan Optimization – Converged IP. Calabasas, CA
#19864 Senior Systems Engineer – Data Intelligence. Denver, CO
#19874 Senior UI Developer – Application Performance Management. San Francisco, CA
#19899 Performance Engineer – Big Data Analytics. Redwood Shores, CA

Energy Storage / Renewables

#19866 Process Engineer – Energy Storage. Mount Pleasant, PA
#19865 I&E Technician – Wind. Putnam, OK
#19876 Manufacturing-Process Engineer – Energy Storage. Greenville, SC
#19727 Sales Manager, Southeast USA & Latin America – Solar Photovoltaic. Miami, FL
#19722 Strategic Account Sales Manager – Solar Photovoltaic. Pleasanton, CA

Software / Mobile / Security

#19837 .Net Systems Architect – Healthcare Systems. Palo Alto, CA
#19732 Junior Product Manager – Disruptive Software. San Francisco, CA
#19643 Technical Product Manager – App Security. Washington DC
#19747 Lead DevOps Systems Engineer – Cloud Security. San Mateo, CA
#18356 Senior Mobile Developer – iOS-Mobile Entertainment. New York, NY
#19789 Software Development Manager – Cyber Security Software. Bethesda, MD

Digital / Social / Games / Gamification

#18141 Project Manager – Digital Media Solutions. New York, NY
#19731 Senior Android Developer – Social Networking. New York, NY
#19742 Customer Success Engineer – Gamification. Redwood City, CA
#19849 Senior QA Engineer- Mobile Advertising. San Mateo, CA
#19154 Product Development Manager – Games & Toys. San Francisco, CA

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