“The Run Off” – One Week From Today. Who Will Be the Winner?

Play to Win $100 Starbucks Gift Certificate

Win a $100 Starbucks Gift Certificate as the Redfish Recruiters Square Off to Settle the Office Squabble Once and For All


One week from today, the recruiters at Redfish will put to rest the office debate of “Who Can Run Farther” Play on Redfish’s Facebook page to enter drawing for a $100 Starbucks gift certificate.


How often does an office squabble result in a $100 Starbucks gift certificate for the audience and a run to the finish for our local heroes? “Not often enough,” stated Leah O’Flynn. “The winner of the race will earn eternal bragging rights, and maybe the rest of us will get a little peace.”

Taking it to the street, in an all-out race to the finish, Greg Schreiner and Logan Knight, IT Recruiters, will face off to settle the question of who can run farther once and for all in “The Run Off” on March 22. The last man running will earn eternal bragging rights.

“I’ve voted. Have you?” chuckled colleague Jon Piggins. “Just “like” the Redfish Facebook page, join “The Run Off” event and vote for one of these guys and you could win a $100 gift certificate.”


Official Contest Rules – Grand Prize: $100 Starbucks gift certificate.

1. “LIKE” the Redfish Technology Inc. Facebook page.

2. JOIN our “The Run Off” event.

3. VOTE on who you think will win.

Participants are invited to add words of encouragement and make race predictions.


Learn more about the contestants: In the run up to The Run Off, more information will be posted on the athlete’s training and equipment, innate abilities and large statements, and perhaps any auspicious horoscopes.

Greg Schreiner Infographic

Greg Schreiner Infographic


Greg “Schrein-Dog” Schreiner, an avid hamstring puller, wears a compression sleeve when he plays basketball. In a statement prepared by his trainer, it is reported that Greg has been skipping boot camp and laying off the Powered Pig at Snow Bunny drive-through.

Logan Knight Infographic

Logan Knight Infographic



Logan “The Gazelle” Knight, a basketball player who hates weights, was heard in the hallways saying “I’m gonna have to start running now”. Nonetheless, Logan is racking up the votes on the “The Run Off” Facebook event page, and is confident that his “gazelle legs will propel him to victory”.

Visit the company’s Facebook page for Infographics measuring up the Redfish athletes.


Contestants need not be present to win, but all are welcome.

The race starts at 1:00 at 416 S. Main Street, Hailey. Ride your bike, scooter or roller skates to follow along and cheer your favored athlete.



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