Marmite, Lusties, and Energy Efficiency Domination of CleanTech2013 Global Cleantech 100 by Sector

Cleantech Trends

We love October because this is the month that the Cleantech Group publishes the Global Cleantech 100 List! Who made the “lust list”, who are the “marmites”? What are the latest cleantech trends?


Celebrating Innovative Cleantech Companies

No one is better positioned than the Cleantech Group, provider of the i3 market intelligence platform and global consulting services, to investigate and bring forth exposés on the top private cleantech companies sectors spanning Energy Efficiency, Biofuels & Biochemicals, Conventional Fuels, Smart Grid, Transportation, and Water & Wastewater.

The top 100 of these innovative companies are recognized annually. “This list celebrates inspiring entrepreneurs, and serves as the industry standard on gauging where innovation is headed in our resource-constrained world,” said Sheeraz Haji, CEO of Cleantech Group in a press release October 9.

Compelling awards were given at Global Cleantech 100 Gala, according to the organization’s press release. For example: Nest was recognized as a “GCT100 North American Company of the Year” for their residential networked “learning” thermostat. The “Rising Star of the Year” was awarded to Ambri, the developer of all-liquid metal battery technology for grid-scale energy storage. And Alphabet Energy was named “Early Stage Company of the Year” for its low-cost thermoelectric technology for waste heat recovery.

Sector Trends

Energy Efficiency continues to trend upward, ranking as the hottest growth sector in cleantech taking up over a quarter of the list. Meanwhile Solar is trending down losing representation on the top 100 list with only 6 companies selected. Biofuels & Biochemicals and Water & Wastewater each garnered 10% list share. Energy Storage, Transportation, and Smart Grid staked out 6-7% presence each.

So who is on the Lust List?

Three veterans of the Global Cleantech 100 are named as lusty ones:

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies makes the grade. Ostara’s sustainable solution to nutrient management safeguards precious water resources by recovering phosphorus and nitrogen from used water streams and transforming them into an environmentally responsible, slow-release fertilizer.

Scoring a place on the lust list are two other companies with innovative approaches to bio-based pest management and plant health products serving the agricultural and water treatment markets, and a leading online business-to-business marketplace for distributed solar financing and provides solar sales software.

What is the Marmite list?

A sticky, dark brown food paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour, which is extremely salty, Marmite’s marketing slogan is “Love it or hate it.” The Cleantech group picked these three companies were picked with that in mind. The three winners represent innovative transformation of waste and advanced energy efficiencies:

The first is an alternative energy company using patented, proven and commercially viable technology to convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into synthetic crude oil through a process that is scalable, versatile and environmentally positive. Ok, perhaps there are better use for plastics, but really what’s not to love?

The second develops advanced energy efficient wastewater treatment technologies for municipal and industrial plants. Detractors question whether they have the scale to commercialize in time for success.

The third turns waste into biofuels. Through the combination of a proprietary thermochemical technology platform and community-based advanced facilities, addresses the challenges of oil dependence and waste disposal. Again, love this!

Go download and read the report for the names of all the lusties and the marmites!

A big shout out to the Cleantech Group for another exciting gala and report showcasing the top Cleantech companies and trends. Learn more about Cleantech Group at



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