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December placements by Redfish Technology were heavily weighted in the Mobile Video Advertising, Disruptive Social Platform, Customer Optimization Services, and Cloud / SaaS sectors.  The positions most heavily recruited and hired at the end of the year were Full Stack Java Lead Engineer, Senior Java Engineer, Java / Software Developer, SDK Product Manager, and Senior Pre-Sales Solution Consultant.


Tech hiring was hot in December despite the holidays shortening the time available for hiring managers. According to the year-end Dice survey, technology employment is strong and will be off to a great start in 2014. The Dice survey includes nearly 900 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters. Nearly 75% of respondents reported planning to hire more technology professionals in the next six months; and almost 24% of respondents categorized the additional hiring as “substantial”. The main reason tech pros move on: salary (75% according to those surveyed). Vacant positions due to talent shortage? Maybe but the majority of America’s hiring managers and recruiters (58%) report that positions were vacant, because the salary guidelines weren’t appropriate.


A recent report by shows an 18 percent rise in Oil and Gas sector wages since 2006 with annual wage growth of 0.7 percent is predicted for Q1 2014. Wages for the Tech sector continued to rise despite some slower growth in early 2013; IT wages came in + 0.2 percent over the quarter and + 1.2 percent over the year.


While tech is hot, disappointingly the general economy was not in December – jobs increased by only 74,000 according to the BLS. 2013 monthly job gains averaged 182,000 (about the same as in 2012), however the last quarter of 2013 averaged job gains of 172,000. In contract with these disappointing numbers, ADP reported an increase of 238,000 private payroll jobs (while varying, BLS and ADP are not usually so divergent).


The December BLS jobs report shows increases in retail trade (as would be expected over the holidays) adding 55,000 jobs in December. Professional and Business Services added 19,000, Manufacturing increased by 9,000 (AD: +19,000). The Information Industry lost 12,000 jobs in December however this is attributed to a 14,000 decline in the Motion Picture and Sound Recording industry which can be volatile from month to month; over the year, employment in information has shown little net change. Construction dipped -16,000 (ADP +48,000), as did Health Care -6,000. ADP additionally noted +10,000 jobs in the Financial Activities sector.

The BLS reported that the unemployment rate declined from 7.0 to 6.7% in December. Interestingly, the employment-population ratio, at 58.6%, was unchanged in December and over the past year – this measure has in fact held at or near this level since late 2009.



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