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Hiring Priorities

This week, our priority recruiting efforts are for: Android Engineer, Back End Engineer, DevOps Engineer – Mobile Applications; Client Services Manager – C2C Social Marketing; Applications Software Engineer, System Software Engineer, Principal Architect – Cloud Computing; and more.


Mobile Applications


This cool company has created as an innovative mobile solution to an age-old, real-world problem–sourcing readily available, reliable and reasonably priced rides in busy urban environments. The company’s E-hailing app for iPhones and Android smartphones that lets you hail a cab, watch as your cab approaches, and pay for your cab ride using your smartphone.

We’re looking for an experienced Senior DevOps Engineer (#21718) who can bridge a continuous integration environment running Jenkins to a continuous deployment model pushing to Amazon EC2, with Chef or Puppet. We’re looking for an innovative, cutting edge Senior Back End Engineer (#21717) with experience in high-demand, low-latency scalable services. We are recruiting for a Senior Android Engineer (#21716) to play a key role in design and development of mobile android client and driver apps to make the customer experience clever and efficient. These are senior level positions, located in Redwood City, CA.


C2C Social Marketing


This SF company’s mission is to enable brands to harness the power of word of mouth recommendations and emerging social networking platforms. Consistent with this mission, we created “Refer-A-Friend” — a solution that became the industry’s leading referral marketing solution. The company envisioned a range of applications for brands to turn their highly engaged, loyal customers into “social advocates” – who, in turn, drive social word of mouth by sharing stories; recommendations, offers and expressions about the brand with their friends and social communities.

We are looking for a Client Services Manager (#21714) who loves marketing. You love when the copy and experience just work, when customers respond. You also get excited by variety. New models and new challenges keep you creative. We want your energy, your creativity, and your willingness to learn about what we (humbly) believe is the hottest new channel in online marketing, referrals.


Cloud Computing                  


Our client’s engineers develop software to get the best possible performance from the world’s largest distributed computing platform. When the code they write affects virtually every internet user and a mistake could have billions of dollars of impact for the largest internet businesses, you need the best software engineers out there. The opportunity to shape the future of the Internet and work in the middle of cloud computing, next-gen media, and connected devices has always attracted amazing people who want to change the world.

We are recruiting for numerous senior and principal level software engineers in Cambridge, MA: Principal Architect, API (#21705) to extend the vision and drive the implementation of the company’s API platform for connecting customers, partners and internal systems. Principal System Software Engineer (#21706) requires a top-notch engineer with the talent and experience to drive technology innovation, software design, and development within the Emerging Products division.  Senior Applications Software Engineer Web Experience (#21707) developing Web Applications and Services for the company’s core acceleration products, providing both presentation and services layers for key products, which are accessed through a User Interface and Web APIs.  Software Architect, Security Engineering (#21713) designing and guiding features and systems within the company’s core Internet infrastructure and writing software that runs on one of the largest distributed systems in the world. We have a dozen open reqs with this client, call us!


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Above are some of the key opportunities that are priority hires for us this week. You can find details on these jobs and other fabulous tech career opportunities on our website.


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