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This week, our tech recruiting priorities are for: Customer Solutions Software Engineer, Service Infrastructure Developer, Semantic Server Engineer, Javascript Applications Developer – Healthcare Platform; Lead Backend Engineer, Senior Front-End Engineer – Social Music Connection Platform; Software Engineers – Collaborative Software Development; and more.


Healthcare Platform


Work with this growth-mode Healthcare platform company – Leading academic and community healthcare providers use this Healthcare Platform to integrate complex genomic and clinical data to provide clinicians with actionable insights at point of care, enabling diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes tracking. Opportunities available in Philadelphia & Palo Alto.


We are recruiting for a Customer Solutions Software Engineer (#21724 Palo Alto) (#21723 Phillie) who can provide technical expertise for deployments to our growing customer base. You will be responsible for configuring the company’s application, building workflows, integrating with 3rd party databases and tools, writing scripts for data migration, and providing technical support to our users. We are looking in Palo Alto for a Service Infrastructure Developer (#21722). Candidates must be versatile, experienced, and detail-oriented. We have a number of unusual challenges, due to working at the intersection of semantic data, scalable genomic data, and web-delivered applications. Also in Palo Alto, we are looking for an experienced Semantic Server Engineer (#21721) to join us in building out our server-side semantic data stack. Semantic technologies (RDF, SPARQL, OWL) are our foundation for organizing and integrating biomedical, genomics, and clinical data. We are looking for an expert Javascript Applications Developer (#21720) to help design and implement our suite of thick client web applications.


Social Music Connection Platform


Our client unlocks new opportunities for the music industry by connecting musicians, fans and partners on a single platform. From Rihanna and Maroon 5 to Matisyahu and Mayday Parade, more than 500,000 musicians use this company’s platform to reach & build deeper relationships with music lovers everywhere, and make a more sustainable living by engaging with fans in new and creative ways. Music fans use the platform to stay informed about the music & musicians they love and experience once-in-a-lifetime, personal interactions with indie and superstar artists.


We are recruiting for a Lead Backend Engineer (#21684) to be the technical leader for the backend team that is eager to change the landscape of the music industry with a world class team. Deliver innovative products to production that are truly disruptive and impactful to the music industry. We are seeking a Senior Front-End Engineer (#21715) who is interested in music and eager to disrupt the music industry in a positive way. Positions in San Francsisco.


Collaborative Software Development


Recognized as the industry leader in the cloud-based method of IT development, our client helps organizations leverage the cost and productivity benefits of collaborative development, agile methods and cloud computing to transform the way they develop and deploy applications. Working with this company, companies can reduce multi-year, multi-million dollar software development and deployment cycles down to a fraction of their time and cost to become more agile at scale.


We are recruiting in South San Francisco for a Software Engineer, Orchestrate (#21572) and a Senior Software Engineer (#21573) to build new integrations, enhancing existing integration for “enterprise readiness”, and working to improve deployment/installation. The Orchestrate development environment includes Ruby, MongoDB, Rabbit MQ, and Resque, with Java and Python for many of our integrations. Ideal candidates are excited to work in a collaborative, agile development style with a productive team of peers.


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