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This week, our tech recruiting priorities are: Business Development & Engineers – EdTech; Customer Operations & Finance/Business Operations Manager – Mobile Application; Developers & Architects – Social Marketing; and more!




Work for the fastest growing company in K12, with technology used by over 1 in 5 schools in America. The company believes that data should empower learning, not hold it back. With unique experiences in education and technology, the team understands the data challenges that schools and developers face. The mission is to make powerful educational software easy to build and easy to deploy.


In San Francisco, we are looking for a Business Development (#21809) who is a born closer, experienced at working with executives at large companies. The Full Stack Security Engineer (#21768) will lead the efforts to secure services and protect customers, getting your hands dirty with code, infrastructure, networks, and policy. We’re looking for someone who groks security at multiple layers of the stack. The Distributed Systems Engineer (#21767) will be underneath the hood, working with a highly modular architecture composed of hundreds of microservices and libraries. The Full Stack Engineer (#21766) will work on challenging problems that span the entire stack—from high-performance back-end services to rich front-end web apps.


Mobile Application


This company’s mobile technology is fundamentally changing the way we interact with the world around us and this company is using that technology to transform urban transportation. The company is a well-funded, venture-backed startup with a dynamic, open work environment and culture.


We are recruiting in Redwood City for a Customer Operations Specialist (#21810) who will be at the nexus of consumer mobile technology and the exciting, disruptive changes happening in the transportation industry. You will support passengers, drivers and fleet operators in their onboarding and ongoing relationship with the company, encompassing the product, technology and behavioral aspects of using the company service. The Finance & Business Operations Senior Manager (#21783) will be highly quantitative, driven, and creative. The role requires coordination across several groups including partnerships, operations, data analytics, and business intelligence. This requires a combination of strategic planning and decision making with sound analytical and data skills.


Social Marketing


This ambitious team is made up of SocialCoders; 10 developers who come to work every day excited to build an awesome product with paying customers who are generating revenue. This is a passionate team that works together to come up with the best ideas to solve all obstacles, and is always trying to take their skills to the next level and explore the unknown parts of code.


We are looking in San Francisco for a Lead iOS Developer (#21799) who will be the first iOS Developer to join the team and help create one of the most innovative apps in the App Store. You will work closely with the product and design team to create an experience that is easy to navigate, functions brilliantly, and has beautiful UI. The Senior Software Architect (#21789) enjoys looking at the big picture. From design pattern to code, we want someone who will understand our system like the back of their hand and help in creating a clean, stable code base. We have a complex and intricate SOA so you should be excited about learning the ins and outs of the system.


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Above are some of the key opportunities that are priority hires for us this week. You can find details on these jobs and other fabulous tech career opportunities on our website.


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