Tech Trends – Digital Strategy 2015

Disruptive Technologies
from Algorithms to Uber


Released at the end of last year, digital strategy firm Webbmedia Group’s annual report on technology trends that will affect media in 2015 is astounding! It nails the disruptive technologies that will affect consumer behavior and impact business strategy in the coming year.


Covering subjects from Algorithms to Uber, and mentioning companies from Advanced Medical Technology Association to Zendesk, this report runs the gamut of cool technologies and ideas trending now. Here are just a few:


Of deep interest, Deep Learning refers to Artificial Intelligence computers are now capable of deep learning using neural net­works. These experimental, brain-inspired systems are capable of translating pixels into English. Google and others are using neural networks and deep learning to identify various parts of a photograph or video and correctly categorize and label them without hu­man assistance.


Coming to a place near you, Ambient Proximity is a push/pull technology that is trigger when in proximity to beacons and other devices so that information is received to from our mobile phones via an always-on information network. The emerging Internet protocol (IPv6) will power the Internet of Things over WiFi via unique identifiers.


Traveling into another dimension, in 2015 we’ll see new ways to use 3D Printing Technology, and materials will shift from plastics to metals to makeup and even human tissue. Reportedly NASA is researching the use of 3D printers to make food in space, and Organovo, is sell­ing 3D printed liver tissue to pharmaceutical labs.


The final frontier, Space travel, exploration and development is the focus of 17 companies centered deep inside the Mojave Desert. A coming Space equipment boom in launch vehicles, landers, probes, rovers, space sta­tions and research craft is predicted, and perhaps astroid and moon min­ing part­nerships?


Read this fabulous report from Webbmedia Group, a leading digital strategy consulting firm for media, entertainment, financial services and technology companies, advertising and marketing firms, higher education, nonprofits and government. The group researches near-future trends in digital media and technology, and develops business strategies to help its clients engage bigger audiences and capture more market share.

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