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Build/Release Engineer, Web Engineering Manager, Data Center Operations Specialist,

UI/UX Designer, Android Software Engineer, BackendDevOps Engineer, Web Developer, DjangoPython, Project Manager / Cheftician, Fullstack Engineer; and more!


This week, our tech recruiting priorities are: Build/Release Engineer, Web Engineering Manager, Data Center Operations Specialist – Cloud & UI/UX Designer, Android Software Engineer, BackendDevOps Engineer, Web Developer, DjangoPython, Project Manager / Cheftician, Fullstack Engineer – Digital Health; and more!


Cloud Start Up


This team is hard at work in Palo Alto, CA, building out the future of the cloud. We can‘t wait to tell you more, but right now they‘re working in stealth mode. Some really great engineers and designers who‘ve built some of the world‘s most successful products are already here.


Get in with this exciting company now! We are looking for a Build/Release Engineer (#21942) to work on the internal development tools and automation pipelines. You will build out and maintain continuous build and test automation systems, design and build tools used internally by the engineering team, and help implement best in class configuration management and provisioning systems. You are a jack of all trades who loves having an impact. We also are searching for a Web Engineering Manager (#21906) interested in building and mentoring a team of software engineers in a collaborative environment.  As a Web Engineering Manager you will manage project goals, contribute to product strategy, and lead the design, build, and deployment of features. Engineering Managers not only provide leadership and mentor engineers but also have the technical chops to roll up their sleeves and deploy code too.


Cloud Hosting


Our client is an early leader in the cloud hosting industry, and continues to be a leader in virtualization hosting. The company has invested heavily in being the kind of company that can set the bar for the cloud hosting industry: both through infrastructure and employing the right personnel. They offer the best customer service out there and are passionate about making it even better. Their development, ops, hardware, marketing, documentation, and management teams are all part of making the company everything it can be.


We are seeking a Data Center Operations Specialist (#21933) in Galloway, to work with the data center operations team. This role is responsible for the research and development, repairs and upgrades, configuration, engineering, cabling, and maintenance of company’s hardware. Once deployed to one of our six data centers, the team is responsible for maintaining correspondence with data center technicians, maintaining equipment availability levels based on demand, purchasing new equipment and retiring depreciated equipment as necessary, shipping and receiving, and tracking all company infrastructure.


Wireless Digital Health Technology


Our client is a wireless digital health company who has developed the first in-home “virtual patient care engagement system” for remote management of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, and obesity. Founded in 2009, the company’s technology builds upon a patented predictive knowledge and analytics engine that communicates remotely with in-home monitoring devices uses by the patient. Healthcare providers and insurance organizations can use the system to gain both real-time and retrospective insight into the status of their chronically ill patient population. The information and results that are captured, processed and analyzed assist the patient, clinical care team, and financial risk managers to better pre-empt new acute episodes through early interventions and compliance programs.


We are recruiting for several positions at this San Francisco innovator, now seeking talented professionals for these roles: UI/UX Designer (#21954), Android Software Engineer (#21738), BackendDevOps Engineer (#21739), and a Web Developer, DjangoPython (#21909) to be involved with software design, database design, implementation, testing and maintenance and close communication with designer, project manager and other engineering team members.


Digital Health & Cuisine


Eating well made easy: This 40-person digital health company is on a mission to reduce chronic disease by positively impacting the one thing everyone does each day: eat. They empower individuals by providing convenient, affordable and healthy solutions around food that enable them to enjoy their lives with friends and family. The company works with employers, health plans and other wellness partners looking for an easy way to engage their members in healthy and sustainable eating habits at work and at home. They deliver individualized recommendations tied to convenient, real-time actions including worksite cafe recommendations, healthy recipes, meal planning tools as well as discounts and incentives for healthy groceries.

We are recruiting for a Nutrition & Culinary Project Manager / Cheftician (#21930) in Mountain View to be responsible for organizing projects as it relates to the effective implementation at our client’s worksite Cafes and Take Home Meal programming. The key objective of this role is to support chefs and nutritionists on the vendor partner site with the development of menus which address the needs of the office population while ensuring that the menus and menu items are desired by the office population as well. Also hiring for a talented Fullstack Engineer (#21947) in San Francisco who is driven by the pride and satisfaction of building something end to end. You enjoy writing clean, well-organized code with the emphasis on simplicity and performance. Attention to detail is second nature for you and you’ve done enough projects to instinctively know what works, and what doesn’t. You love a challenge and thrive on opportunities to innovate collaboratively. You want to be part of a fast-moving startup environment.


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