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25 Helpful Forums About Technical Careers

25 Helpful Forums About Technical Careers

By Tara Snyder of Online Training

No matter what your online training goals are for entering into or advancing a career in technology, it is important to be ahead of the curve. The latest piece of technology, trend in the markets, or juicy job opening can literally be only seconds away and can be a huge missed opportunity for those outside the technological loop.

To help keep you in said loop, we have gathered 25 helpful forums about technical careers. They have information on everything from how to build your own computer to the latest job updates by your favorite tech company. So grab a mousepad, your resume, or dust off your tech portfolio and make some new additions with their help.

Helpful Information Technology Forums About Technical Careers

Because many technical careers are on the IT side, check out these forums.

  1. CNET Forums
    Millions of visitors come here to download the best in software. However, they also have an active online community that discusses everything from manufacturers to web development. Popular forums include cell phones, laptops, and they also feature the hottest discussions.
  2. Career Builder
    This massive online job hunting site has something most others don’t. This special section for information technology jobs and resources. There are many articles to read on the topic of technical careers, as well as job listings. There are also videos and items in Spanish.
  3. Lifehacker Forums
    These user generated tips are featured on the popular site Lifehacker. Stop by to check them out or add your own. In addition to this one for DIY, there are also options for openthread and how to.
  4. Tech Mud
    Get everything an IT professional could ask for with a visit here. Get discussions on all kinds of topics from operating systems to digital living. There is even a special section just for IT professionals.
  5. How-to Geek
    What would building your own computer do for your technical career? With the help of this forum, you can learn how to do it in only five lessons. There are also loads of other topics such as “What is That Process” and many others.
  6. Neowin
    Visit here for loads of forums on all things tech. There is real world and serious news, in addition to the gaming and gadgetry offered in other forums. There is even a Mini Spy that constantly updates the latest postings.
  7. Go 4 Expert
    Create a free account here to hear from IT professionals all over the world. Every region stops into post, along with many items on what the IT industry is discussing now. A few include software license control and Facebook banned in Pakistan.
  8. Tom’s Hardware
    A visit to this page brings up a window where you can ask the community a question in seconds without any registering. You can also browse the many expert forums they have on hardware, software, and much more. You can even shop for offers in tech.

Helpful Job Forums About Technical Careers

Learn more about the working side of tech careers below.

  1. Global CIO
    Because Chief Information Officer can be the ultimate technical career, stop here. It is the career center for the CIO from Information Week. They also have loads of other tech help in software, security, internet, and much more.
  2. Science Careers Forum
    This is a professional, industrial, academic, and postdoctoral forum covering topics related to employment and career development. Both scientific and engineering careers are featured, as well as alternative career choices for scientists and engineers. In addition to the usual moderated forum, there are also four advisers that regularly stop in.
  3. Microsoft Careers
    One of the biggest tech employers on the planet, why not stop by to see what they are looking for in employees with a visit? They hire in just about every country from Algeria to Vietnam.
  4. Jobs at Apple
    With a philosophy that working for them is less of a job and more of a calling, give any technical career a boost by working at Apple. Both corporate and retail positions are available online. You can even create a profile page on their site.
  5. Google Jobs
    We don’t mean using Google to find jobs. We mean using this site to find jobs at Google. Their official corporate site not only has current openings, but you can choose from which location you would like to work for. There is also a special site just for students.
  6. Facebook
    Want to work for the youngest billionaire in history? Then stop here to see if Mark Zuckerberg and his pals are hiring. Positions sought include software engineering, IT and security, technical operations, and more.
  7. Twitter
    Their career tagline is “come join the flock.” Stop by to learn about the openings they have in engineering, design, safety, reliability, and other areas. There is even a special section for university recruiting.
  8. Amazon
    Jeff Bezos himself has been quoted as saying “many of the problems we face have no textbook solution, and so we happily invent new ones.” Be part of that solution by taking a job at Amazon. They also have special sections for university and even military recruiting.

Helpful Forums to Find Technical Careers

Use the below to help you find a career in technology.

  1. Read Write Web
    Whether looking for an information technology job or many others, the experts at Read Write Web have many to offer. Additionally, you can search by location or even experience level. The main site is also a can’t miss.
  2. Computer World
    Get a listing of all the jobs offered by Computer World here. Sample jobs include project manager, software engineer, and many others. Top employers such as IBM and Microsoft post jobs on a regular basis.
  3. Wired Jobs
    The leading magazine and site of the same name also offer this job section. Search their vast database to find a technical career that is right for you. The sections on the latest news, reviews, and blogs are also worth the visit.
  4. Crunch Board
    Provided by Tech Crunch, this forum gives you access to the millions of technology and business savvy readers they have. In addition to the jobs, you can also access services for sale. Be sure not to miss the main site with more.
  5. Mashable Jobs
    Use this social media site to find the latest trends and a technical career. You can sort by type of career sought such as design or marketing. You can also sort by job type from traditional, full time to internships.
  6. The Inquirer
    Not to be confused with the tabloid, this site is all about technology. This particular section offers users the option to search for tech jobs, even for those by skill such as C++ and PHP. You can also look up by jobs by popular qualifications such as Microsoft or security.
  7. CBS Interactive
    Visit here to find technical careers not only for the network, but in all of its affiliates. They include CNET, ZDNet,, and others. They also offer internships and international jobs.
  8. Live Mint
    They are part of “The Wall Street Journal.” Their jobs section has loads of jobs in many technical industries such as biotech and engineering. You can also search by location such as Bangalore, Delhi, and Dubai.
  9. Dice
    Finally, if you can’t find what you want in the above, stop here. This is the “career hub for tech” and is currently offering over 84,000 tech jobs. They offer searches by job title, company, location, and employment type. You can also join their talent network to meet other hopefuls in technical careers.


Be sure and visit the 25 helpful forums about tech careers often to check out the newest jobs, hacks, or to get the answer to your latest technology question in minutes.