The Redfish Management Team

Rob Reeves
CEO, President

Rob Reeves, President, CEO, has enjoyed recruiting since 1995. He founded Redfish Technology in 1996, and has taken it from a predominantly West Coast Technical recruiting firm to a nationwide, full service staffing firm specializing in High Tech and Clean Tech sectors.
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Heidi Clark

Heidi Clark’s extensive sales background paired with in-depth knowledge of non-profit organizations allow her to bring a wide range of experience and insight to the design and implementation of the corporate culture and philanthropic efforts at Redfish.
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Leah O'Flynn
Executive Recruiter, IT Sales & marketing Division

Leah O’Flynn is an executive IT recruiter. Born in Dublin, raised in New Jersey, her gypsy ways have taken her on many a random journey. Leah has two degrees; one in Journalism and Media Studies, the other in History. Her love of working with people has made her a natural at recruiting.
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Logan Knight
Executive Recruiter, IT Division

Logan Knight is a technology recruiter. As an outdoor enthusiast, he can’t stay away from scenic mountain towns. After a career in the golf industry, including his starting and running own business, Logan has taken his client rapport building skills and refocused on high tech recruitment.
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Jon Piggins
Executive Recruiter, IT Sales & marketing Division

Jon is personable, knowledgeable and completely reliable. He has extensive sales and business development experience, in both B2B and B2C. Put Jon’s business insights and acumen to work for you by expediting your talent acquisition and hiring processes.

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Meredith Dean
Executive Recruiter, IT Division

Meredith has a degree in business from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, and enjoyed a successful sales career in the pharmaceutical and health care industry prior to taking up recruiting in the Sun Valley area.
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Beth Cliff
IT Engineering Recruitment Manager

Beth Cliff has been recruiting since 1995, with Redfish since 2006. Currently Engineering Recruitment Manager, she also heads up Redfish’s East Coast operations. Beth’s expertise is full life-cycle recruiting in both agency and corporate environments. She excels at finding top passive talent and building stellar engineering teams.
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John Stevens
Executive Recruiter, IT Division

John is a consummate recruiter, sales person, and entrepreneur. He has built a very tight relationship with his select clients over the many years he has recruited in the high tech sectors, building teams in start-ups as the talented Silicon Valley entrepreneurs peel off to create new ventures.
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Anna Mathieu
Marketing Communications Manager

Anna Mathieu brings together in-the-trenches recruiting experience as well as years of marketing and sales success in a variety of industries from software to real estate development. She thrives on evangelizing the Redfish brand and communicating Redfish’s expert recruiting services, to drive bottom line results.
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