Redfish Technology Recommendations

Why work with Redfish Technology, nationwide recruiters?

Here are recommendations from hiring managers and candidates alike about working with Redfish Technology, Leading Recruiters for the High Tech Industries.

“Tory and her team at Redfish helped me make the transition from a large Fortune 50 company to a technology startup. Tory instructed me through the interview process, and didn't miss a beat. I felt incredibly prepared and excited throughout the process, and was confident Tory would find me a great fit. When the opportunity at Vivino presented itself, Tory was all over it, seeing the natural fit between my skillset and what Vivino desired, and quickly getting me interviews and ultimately, an offer.  Without Tory, I would not have been so fortunate in landing with such a great company. Cheers to her and Redfish!”
Will Pearson

“I had a pleasure of working with Meredith during my career transition. Meredith found the perfect opportunity for me to take the next step in my career. Meredith guided me through the process and gave useful professional advice. The job was the perfect match for me and I was the right fit for the company. I will highly recommend Meredith at Redfish Technology to others and would like to work with her in the future. Thanks Meredith.”
   Usman Shafique

“Mike was really great to work with. I tended to avoid agencies when I decided to find a new job but after having a quick chat with Mike over the phone he seemed honest and pretty easy going, no hard-sell and no pressure. It turned out to be a great decision, Mike took care of everything except the actual interviews and kept me in the loop through every step of the process. I'd recommend Mike to anyone looking for a recruiter to help find them a new job.”
Nevin Greene

“Meredith provided the best service I have ever encountered from a recruitment company. From the start she was able to target my skills to the right opportunities and then followed up to completion in the shortest possible time frame while also providing constant feedback and advice. Meredith works for the candidate's best outcome and I highly recommend her.”
Tim Roake

“Noah is the best Recruiter to work with if you are seeking employment. He is passionate, enthusiastic, and persistent in helping you find a job. Obviously, he's helped me find a new job but he really has your interests in mind and puts that before his own. I'm going to recommend my former colleagues who are seeking employment to work with him.”
Jermaine Chism

"Searching for a job can be hard. Tory made it easy by making sure job is a good fit.  It was because of her that I landed a job that I absolutely enjoy. Thank you Tory for your hard work, persistence and friendliness."
Nidhi Jaiswal

“Throughout my career I have worked with many recruiting firms and my experience working with Leah and Redfish technology was by far the best experience I've had.  During the screening process they were able to quickly assess my skills and identify an opportunity that quickly became my top prospect.  I was looking for an opportunity that united my desire to sell software with my deep experience selling within the public sector.  Comcate was the perfect fit.  While other recruiting firms are good at identifying the right opportunity, few recruiters are helpful in coaching you toward success. Leah was able to offer spot on advice at each junction in the recruiting process that contributed to me landing a position with Comcate. Five months after joining the team at Comcate I can say that Redfish identified a solid fit with a company where I am extremely happy.”
Justin McDaniel

“I can't thank Redfish Technology enough! This job is everything I was looking for. I finally feel like I'm in the right place. Working with Mike, and sometimes Noah, was great. I really felt like they cared about matching me with a company that fit with my goals and working style. Instead of a new job, it feels like I've come home and gained a new family. I highly recommend Redfish if you want to find where you belong.”
Tim Kissane

“Working with Jon and Leah was a truly pleasurable experience. From my initial call with Leah it was apparent she had done her homework and truly understood my skills and that they matched the position. Jon took the time to get to know me and it felt like he was on my side throughout the whole process.  He was extremely responsive and it felt more like a friend recommending me for a job vs. the traditional recruiting experience. I would highly recommend Redfish whether someone looking for their first job or looking to make a change in their career!”
 — Kyle Raprager

“Thanks to Noah and Redfish, I was able to land a job that fulfills my career goals and is a lot closer to home. Noah took the time to understand me so that my new job caters to both my career life and my family life.”
Feng Hong

“Leah and I are working together on a number of Senior Account Executive searches. She is a "go getter" with a "can do" attitude. She delivered fantastic results in a very short period of time. Leah is a quick study to understand your requirements so she can deliver the right people; not flooding you with resumes that waste your time. I give my highest recommendation to Leah as a recruiting professional.”
— John Balena

Rob Reeves is a great person and a positive influence. He coached me along the process to the obvious fruit of our labor. Though he represented BullionVault he never lost sight that he was dealing with a person with real concerns. His honesty and professionalism are an asset for both sides of the job search spectrum.”
G. Miguel Perez-Santalla

“Thanks again for all your help, you were amazing to work with and I will definitely recommend you and Redfish to anyone looking for a great recruiter!”
Robin Bertin

“Within a minute of applying for the position, my phone was ringing. Jon believed the fit was excellent and wanted to get the ball rolling quickly. Never once did I question that Jon was on my team, doing what he could to make the job offer not only happen but also include the salary and benefits I was looking for. He was responsive and helpful, more so than other recruiters I've worked with in the past.  Now that I'm three months into the job, I realize that working with Jon was the best decision I could have made in my job search."
Rebecca Swensen

"Leah is a great recruiter. She's responsive, giving me high quality candidates quickly. She listens to my feedback on candidates and adjusts when necessary. She gets to know the candidates she sends and she knows how to close them. I hope to work with her for a long time."
Cassandra Marrone

“Beth was more than a recruiter, she was a coach who went above and beyond to help me negotiate a great package for the best job I have had so far in my career. She is a pleasure to work with and very trustworthy. I highly recommend her.”
— Jamie Day

Working with Leah was an absolute pleasure. She was very proactive and reliable. Starting from the pre-interview process to salary negotiations, the whole process was a breeze. I highly recommend Leah and the Redfish Technology team." 
Vishal Aggarwal

"I had a definite goal of working with a smaller company compared to my previous experiences. As soon as Logan from Redfish contacted me and filled me in on the details about the position, I knew I was interested. From setting up the interview process to getting the position, Redfish was very collaborative and always on top of their game. The communication between me and the company through Redfish was very smooth and hassle free. I will definitely work with Redfish in the future as well."
— Aditi Bagade

“Leah has been helping us in recruiting great talent. She is very proactive and gets things done. I highly recommend her.”
   Furkan Khan

“Jon was a real pleasure to work with: He sought me out via LinkedIn for a specific opening, but was genuinely concerned that the opportunity was the right fit for me, and not just the other way around. He was able to understand and convey my unique combination of technical and client-facing skills, while being cognizant of the requirements I had for a new position. Jon is prompt, professional, and personable, and at the end of the day, he helped me land a new gig that was an improvement in every possible way from my previous position. Working with both Jon and Redfish was a pleasure, and I would certainly work with them again in the future.”
 — Arun Wright

“I have now worked with Logan in both roles. One where he was helping me get a job and now when he is helping me recruit. Working with Logan has always been refreshing and a great pleasure. He is to the point, straight forward and professional. In the first attempt he matched my profile to a position that fit me like a glove and allowing me to apply my true potential. He has the expertise to match people to the right job requirements and we do not spend anytime following up and exploring possible fits with candidates who do not fit our requirements.”
Sharad Ahlawat

"Leah and I first spoke back in April of 2013. She went out of her way not only as a recruiter, but as a friend, and ensured my success to land this amazing role in a leadership position here in Silicon Valley. Leah also has the professionalism, the amazing communication skills, and the greatness that every candidate looks for in a recruiter. After more than 14 years in working in this valley, finding these recruiters are a rare gem. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Redfish and Leah as I grow in my career. Thanks!, Prasanth"
Prasanth Padmanabhan

"My experience with Redfish and in particular with Jon Piggins was stellar. Jon was proactive in keeping me informed during the long interview and offer process. I found the coaching that Jon provided to be insightful and balanced. I would recommend Jon and Redfish for fellow technical professionals.”
  Don Shin

"I had one of my best recruiter experiences with Leah at Redfish Technology. She was quick to follow-up, accessible, and provided insight and helpful tips to interview success. I would highly recommend her to any company looking to recruit or any prospective candidate."
April Chu

“Working with Joanna Bradley at Redfish Technology made the difference for me in choosing Aspect. She kept the process on pace and kept me informed at all times. Joanna took a very honest approach in the evaluation of the company and how my skillsets would fit with current management.  Based on her guidance I was able to make an informed decision regarding my future. Everyone at Redfish was professional with returned phone calls, meetings held on time and most importantly made me feel they had my best interest at heart.”
Michael Davis

“I enjoyed the opportunity to work with Leah and the Redfish team.  Leah took the time to review my background and qualifications to ensure the opportunity she presented me with was a good match.  Once I was engaged in the interview process, Leah was always available to answer my questions, provide feedback, and took a proactive approach to keep me informed.  I'm happy with the decision I made, and would welcome the opportunity to work with Leah and the Redfish team again.”
Niloy Chatterjee

“Redfish helped me considerably by identifying an opportunity that fit my unique experience and helping me with the negotiation process. I was very impressed with the Ryan Thomson who assisted me and well supported throughout the whole process. I will recommend their services to my closest friends and colleagues.”
- Greg Fritz

"My firm had the need for a deep technical expert in specialized software niche.   Prior to engaging Redfish Technology, we were already working with two other search firms for over six months with paltry results.  We hired Redfish and Logan Knight had an outstanding candidate within a week.  We made an offer but lost to another company.  Redfish gave us an even better candidate before our offer expired, so we did not miss a step.  Logan at Redfish listened to our needs and produced targeted results quickly.  Prior to engaging Redfish other firms had sent us multiple candidates, none of whom was a good fit.  Before Redfish, the recruiting process was a tremendous burden and a time drain for our team.  The bottom line is quality beats quantity hands down.  The hire we made has far exceeded expectations since day one.  He has the respect of the CEO, CTO as well of the rest of the company.  The bonus is that I even got some personal commendations for making such a good hire."
- Craig Reid
"I have to say that I was truly blow away by the hiring process with Redfish Technology.  I received a call from Joanna and inside two weeks I landed the best job ever.  It surpassed my expectations.  I work from home in an industry space that is making a difference in classrooms across the nation.  Because of the encouragement and feedback that I received from Joanna throughout the process, I highly recommend using Redfish Technology to anyone who’s ready to upgrade their career."
- Karen Finley
"Greg has his finger on the needs and goals of his clients. His ability to describe a company's hiring objectives, revenue targets and corporate culture gives a prospective candidate a window into the mindset of the hiring authority, and position oneself toward meeting those needs. Many recruiters are glorified resume passers but Greg digs down into the human aspects behind the paper and can intuit whether a candiate and firm are good cultural fits. Businesses who want to develop an organic approach to recruiting should speak to Greg about his approach."
- Steve Fortuna

“This was the first time in 12 years I had to look for a job, and when Beth at Redfish got a hold of my resume, I had a job within a few weeks.”
 - Rick Aleman

“It was a pleasure working with Leah at Redfish. She had a great handle on the position, the skill set required and was able to communicate effectively so there were no surprises once I segued over to  the company directly. I would recommend her and the team at Redfish for sure.”
- Adele Pellicane
“Rob Reeves is probably the best recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of working with!  Throughout the process, it felt good to know that he always had my best interests in mind, and that I could trust him to represent me in an ethical manner.  Rob is knowledgeable and thorough, and he managed some delicate negotiations with aplomb.  He is extremely professional, yet friendly.  And he seems like a really good guy, which makes his misguided football loyalties (UW Huskies and Seattle Seahawks) all the more disappointing.”
 - Jeffrey Blaze

"It was a pleasure working with Logan Knight and Redfish, They put me in a perfect environment for my skill set and have staged me for a fantastic opportunity to advance my career."
- Joe Panciera
"Once a technology resume goes public, many job inquiries come through. I would say only about 30% of those calls are worth a follow-up. When I first spoke with Rob Reeves at Redfish, I expected an impersonal 5 minute conversation. Instead, Rob was very thorough and asked all the right questions. Rob understands the specifics of what his clients are looking for and was able to quickly match my skill-set with a fantastic opportunity. I am extremely grateful for Rob's diligence; he placed me with a company that fit the culture, technology, and goals I was looking for. Thanks!"
- Christopher Geheran
“Redfish and Leah were great - they were able to help me get placed quickly at a company I found fascinating, and queued me up to succeed in my interviews and beyond.  I have been at my new company for 7 months now, and it has been a phenomenal fit.”
- Matthew Deitch
“Beth was a joy to work with, she knew I was the right person for the job and assisted in the interview and offer process.  I have recommended Redfish to some friends who are looking for a new position.”
- Jennifer DeSimone
“I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years, but not only did Logan Knight get me a great new position, he helped me discover a whole new direction for my career as a Software Engineer! He was with me every step of the way, from going over job postings, to helping me prep for interviews. He even contacted me — after — my start date to see how the new job was going! I recommend Redfish Technology to all my friends. In a world of too many recruiters just doing a keyword search and wanting you to take a job, any job, Logan Knight and Redfish are the exception. Six months and counting in my new position, thank you!”
 - Dan Ellenbaum

“Working with Ryan Thomson at Redfish Technology has been a great pleasure. He is very active, diligent, and easy to work with. He communicated with me constantly to work together toward the position and update the information as it changed. In addition, Ryan went out of his way in helping and advocating for both my needs and company’s needs. He also follows up with candidates regarding the position afterwards. I enjoyed working with Ryan and consider him a close colleague from my experience.”
- Shelly Shen
“Rob and his colleagues at Redfish did an excellent job for me in not only finding me a great job opportunity, but also aligning me with a great career. Rob is knowledgeable of the clients he represents and the markets they are in. My experience with Redfish was most definitely the best I have encountered among recruitment and staffing agencies. In addition to being down to earth, Rob and his team are professional, personable, and punctual. I give my highest recommendation to Redfish for anyone seeking to enhance their career within the software/tech industry.”
- Gary Patten
"I have known and worked with Beth Cliff for two years.  She is full of enthusiasm and passion. Beth deeply observes and understands the insight between the candidate requirement and the technical need of an organization.  My past working experience with her was just simply phenomenal and spectacular. She responded to all my questions in detail and clarified my concerns about the organization and opportunity that helped me to make the right decision promptly. Now, I am very happy with my position and still excited about it. I will definitely continue working with her in the future.”
- Donny Hsieh
"I felt very fortunate to have connected with Redfish Technology at the time I was looking for my next opportunity. My requirements were complex as I wanted to gain exposure to new technology, work with a proven, reputable market leader with great leadership and return to the east coast. Redfish exceeded my expectations as we partnered on multiple opportunities each of which had their own requirements in their next hire. Andy was exceptional in providing the insight I needed to wade through not only the information on the organizations; but the interview and overall hiring process. He aided in providing honest and constructive feedback and gained my respect in the negotiations process. Andy was also gracious in following up in the weeks and months following my move to ensure I was happy with my placement. Grateful and appreciative of the experience, I would welcome the opportunity to work with Redfish Technology again."
- Deanna Deery
Beth is an energetic, resourceful recruiter that I have worked with for the past several years. As a hiring manager, she is easy to work with, asking good questions to define each open position, then providing candidates that match the requirements. In addition, the follow-up she does is welcome, especially to a busy manager. As a candidate, she offers sage advice about a resume' and how to conduct your search. I enjoy working with Beth and will continue to do so in the future.”
- Henry Tumblin
“There is an increasing demand for employment solutions today that offer strategic integration to accelerate the process.  In my opinion, Redfish went "over the top" for me there-by creating a pathway to achieve my maximum potential.  They did this with respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity.  Redfish ensured that all of their interactions benefitted parties and that both individual and company felt as if they "won".”
- Richard Brangenberg
“Rob and his team have done a great job recruiting for me at several companies. I've worked with him directly and with several members of his team, and have never had trouble with any of them - they are all very responsive and work very hard to find the right candidate for your open position. I recommend Rob and Redfish highly!”
- Kira Feick
“Joanna’s initial inquiry via LinkedIn was the first “cold call” job opportunity that ever piqued my interest enough to respond and engage. She made the process as easy as I could have hoped — from presenting a compelling and relevant opportunity, to coordinating the entire interview process, to following up after my start date to make sure things were going well. We have already asked Joanna to help us with another hire as our team continues to grow.”
- Zachary Gustafson
“Andy is the textbook definition of a professional. He treats the recruitment process with a certain respect; finding a match that is ideal for both the company and the candidate. I consider Andy to be more than just a recruiter, but also a mentor and career advisor. I would never hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone looking to make a strategic move in their career — and not just get another job.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
- Aimee Campbell
“Working with Beth from Redfish was amazing. She was understanding, dedicated, and knew exactly what I was qualified for. I could not ask for a better job to start my career right after graduating. The job offer was between me and another person and Beth pushed me through into the position. It’s nice to know someone put so much time and effort into ensuring that I got this job and that I was happy even after my hire. I have learned so much already and continue to grow excited about my job every day. I am extremely grateful to Redfish and Beth for helping begin an amazing career.”
- Patty O’Hear
“Working with Rob/Redfish has been a very pleasurable and fulfilling experience.  Rob was always there to answer my questions and concerns. He provided me with all the detailed information about the new career direction that I was contemplating. As such, I was able to make an informed SWOT analysis of my career options and I am very happy with the results. I am highly appreciative and grateful for the services and the sensitivity that Rob/Redfish afforded me in my search for a better career and will positively recommend their services because of the assurance of optimum results.”
- Nora Zwillick

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