May 19, 2015

Tech Recruiting Priorities in GovEd / SLED Accounts, Security / Identity Protection, Software Development

Weekly Career Recruiting Spotlight

Senior Client Managers, Senior Product Manager, Salesforce Developer / Administrator2015-5-19-Redfish-Tech-Jobs

This week, our tech recruiting priorities are: Senior Client Managers – GovEd / SLED Accounts; Senior Product Manager/SaaS-Mac Management – Security / Identity Protection; Salesforce Developer / Administrator – Software Development; and (more…)


May 12, 2015

Tech Recruiting Priorities in Inbound Call Marketing, App Security, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and the Cloud

Weekly Career Recruiting Spotlight

Inbound Call Marketing Solutions, Software Development Engineers, Lead Platform Engineer, Web Engineering Manager2015-5-12-Redfish-Tech-Jobs


This week, our tech recruiting priorities are: Regional Sales Director – Inbound Call Marketing Solutions; Software Development Engineers – App Security; Lead Platform Engineer – Virtual and Augmented Reality; Web Engineering Manager – Cloud Start Up; and (more…)


May 5, 2015

April 28, 2015

Tech Recruiting Priorities: AdTech Platform, Cloud Hosting, CRM for Google Apps

Weekly Career Recruiting Spotlight

Product Management, Linux Technical Support/ Network Engineer, Director Product Marketing



This week, our tech recruiting priorities are: Senior/Director of Product Management – AdTech Platform; Linux Technical Support, Linux Network Engineer – Cloud Hosting; Director Product Marketing – CRM for Google Apps; and (more…)


April 21, 2015

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