February 27, 2014

Tech Trends – Mobile Messaging Consolidation

Facebook’s Mega Purchase of WhatsApp for $16b + $3b in stock


Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of the 450 million-user WhatsApp makes the Instagram deal at $1 billion look like small peanuts. At approximately $40 per user that may be a pretty good buy, especially compared to pay-for-click adwords! And strategically this is better than any demographic targeting of the mobile / international / teen markets – the places Facebook wouldn’t otherwise reach so quickly even with free Facebook targeted ads! (more…)


February 20, 2014

Survey Says … North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report from Bullhorn

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Survey Says Three-Quarters ..

For the fourth consecutive year, Bullhorn has conducted its Staffing and Recruiting Trends survey. As a recruiting software editor and service provider for fourteen years, Bullhorn works daily with the external and internal recruiters providing the staffing for fast-growing start-ups up through the world’s largest employment brands. The latest survey completed in the December of 2013 polled 1,337 agency recruiting professionals and serves up interesting reading for staffing aficionados. (more…)


January 16, 2014

Crowdfunding Update Signals Increased Revenue, Jobs, and Deal Flow

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Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Read the full report from Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Crowdfunding Pioneers Sherwood Neiss & Jason Best reported recently on VentureBeat.com about on early successes for crowdfunding companies. This update is based on interviews and surveys with 87 companies utilizing rewards, debt, and equity crowdfunding are exciting: sales are up, and investment is growing.


Increase in Sales


Company executives at companies who have concluded successful rewards, equity, or debt campaigns reported that quarterly revenues grew by an average of 24% (more…)


December 12, 2013

Tech Trends – The 5 to Watch from the Consumer Electronics Association

The 5 to Watch from the Consumer Electronics Association

Tech Trendsjohnny_automatic_robot

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently published its latest edition of the annual 5 Technology Trends to Watch. These are technology trends that are predicted to influence the consumer electronics industry in the future. Those key technology trends are: Internet of Things (IoT), driverless cars, digital health care, robotics, and the future of video distribution and consumption. (more…)


December 5, 2013

What Are The Job Prospects And Future Of Cybersecurity?

What Are The Job Prospects And Future Of Cybersecurity?

The newest Internet technologies in the field of space research


How can you make sure your career path coincides with an industry that will experience guaranteed growth? Whether you have just entered college or are thinking about a change, one surefire job prospect takes cybercrime and identity theft head-on. Hewlett-Packard and the Ponemon Institute note that the costs of cybercrime and cybercrime prevention have risen for 4 consecutive years. Today, the annual cost of cybercrime for a business has risen to nearly $12 million. How can you launch a career in the services of information security, combating cybercrime?


Educational Tracks


Though graduating students may have had little experience with any kind of academic background in cybercrime and cybersecurity, those heading into school or back to school have a variety of options to choose from. Until recently, the only option for cybersecurity education required self-teaching. Today, however, universities offer entry-level and advanced courses in stopping cybercrime and identity theft. These are not blanket courses: some universities offer courses explicitly preventing credit card fraud, while others teach students how to stop phishers in a cloud of emails.


Employment Statistics


The occupational outlook for cybersecurity looks strong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the current media pay for information security amounts to $75,000 per year, nearly twice the earnings of the average American. What’s more, the field is growing fast, needing to add over 20 percent more jobs by the end of the decade than there are currently employed — some 60,000 positions. With the potential for rapid job advancement due to a lack of competition, cybersecurity represents one of the most productive career paths for any incoming or soon-to-be-graduating student.


Private Opportunities


For those who want to climb the career ladder as an information security specialists, large numbers of jobs in private sectors offer the chance. Browse jobs at LifeLock.com to find openings in one of the largest companies devoted to identity theft protection and information security. This identity theft service hires cybersecurity specialists to help out customers who want proactive protection against the risks of hacking and phishing. E-security businesses are eager to provide their services to corporations. The Ponemon Institute goes so far to offer corporations a data breach risk calculator to determine how much financial loss they stand to face by a cyberattack. The demand for employees to face these threats will only rise in the near future.


Government Employment


Some students have a choice upon graduation of whether they would rather ply their trade to government entities and have a stable job or choose the private business world, with the chance of greater rewards. Information security leads down the same two paths, but with greater rewards. The National Security Administration highlights Centers of Academic Excellence in an attempt to bolster their number of cybercrime specialists, showcasing a fast-track for students interested in working in federal intelligence agencies. The NSA has full-time job openings with benefits and pensions, making it an attractive option for cybersecurity specialists who may not want the instability of private business work.


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