December 18, 2014

Enterprise Tech Trends – Transformation and Innovation

Enterprise Tech Trends

Transformation and Innovationabstract tech


Businesses are being radically transformed via enterprise technology, and 2015 will continue bringing innovation opportunities. For example, cloud technologies go way beyond the IT department affecting corporate strategy, product design and launch, engagement with clients and suppliers, finance and operations, security and governance, and company culture.


The Editor in Chief at InfoWorld, Eric Knorr, offers his perspective on the key trends in enterprise technology for next year and beyond.


Public Cloud Takes the Lead –

Knorr identifies that enterprises’ specialization is their own business, and not trying to reproduce the quality, functionality and security in a private cloud that they can access via AWS and other public clouds.


Open Source Application Package –

Docker is extending application portability beyond the development lifecycle to orchestration across multiple clouds.


Microservices Architecture –

Building applications from services or API-accessible blocks.


Liquid Computing –

Making communication between a host of personal devices seamless and real-time via handoff tracking and intelligence.


Multi-cloud Management –

Tools that allow deployment across different cloud architectures, allowing management and optimization, as well as flexibility to companies who do not wish to be locked into one proprietary cloud technology.


Enterprise Security –

Technology improvements as well as greater user savvy will become more critical. Endpoint technology that authenticates, analyzes, monitors and summarizes all the enterprise endpoints will be an important aspect of ensuring security.


Machine Learning –

Artificial intelligence applied to Big Data will bring analytics to the masses and open up previously inconceivable phase of computing.


The Mashup of Development and Operations –

Agile efficient, developer-centric approach to configuring the development and test environments in such a way as to meet the growing scale and speed of application development.


Network Switches RIP? –

Virtual network devices connected with ever-increasingly powerful servers will require a rethink of the data center network.



Read the full version of Knorr’s Enterprise Tech Trends for 2015 from which these trends were extracted and which includes his perspective on the open source imperative and how businesses may differentiate themselves via quality processes, technologies and applications. Eric Knorr‘s article “9 key enterprise tech trends for 2015 and beyond”.




December 4, 2014

November 6, 2014

Strategic Tech Trends from Gartner – New This Year?

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The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends to Focus on in 2015 from Gartner


The Gartner symposium showcases analysts’ strategic technology trends with the most potential for impact over the next few years. These trends fall into three broad categories: the merging of the real and virtual worlds, the advent of intelligence everywhere, and the technology impact of the digital business shift.

As David Cearley, vice president & Gartner Fellow stated: “We have identified the top 10 technology trends that organizations cannot afford to ignore in their strategic planning processes. This does not necessarily mean adoption and investment in all of the trends at the same rate, but companies should look to make deliberate decisions about them during the next two years.”

These top strategic technology trends are: (more…)


October 16, 2014

Tech Salary Trends & Skills / Positions in Demand

Tech Salary Trends & Skills / Positions in Demand


When it comes to salaries, a Bachelor’s Degree in STEM is hard to beat.


STEM leads the pack. Engineers not only rule the world, they are rocking the earnings. Mid-career salaries are highest for Petroleum Engineers, followed by Actuarial Mathematics, Nuclear/Chemical/Electronics & Communications Engineers according to’s recent survey on the majors with the biggest impact on future earnings. (more…)


September 25, 2014

Tech Trends –Data Data Everywhere, Would you like a drink?

Tech Trends –

Data Data Everywhere, Would you like a drink?

Big Data is growing fast! (Click here to see Mapr’s real-time data counter

Data proliferation! Yep and proliferation of articles on what to do with it … Here’s one simply celebrating some cool data solution companies! – Great companies we are recruiting for!


Depending on what data gets served up to you, you may find that IDC predicts at our current rate of doubling information every 1.5 years that we will generate 40 zettabytes (ZB) of data by 2020. Of perhaps your first SERP will lead you to an article with Gartner’s prediction that enterprise data will grow 650 percent in the next five years. Check out the fun real-time graphic data counter from mapr (above).


Eighty percent of data is unstructured, but even structured data can be overwhelming at this growth rate. We are all bombarded by more and more options of client, lead, purchasing, website, population, and other data to track, analyze, summarize, and act upon (so long as paralysis hasn’t set in due to information overload).


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