July 17, 2014

Tech Compensation Trends

Tech SalariesTech Industry Average Annual Wages


While real wages may be down 8% in the US since 2006, the tech industry paid an annual average wage of $93,800 in 2012, which is 98% more than the average private sector wage of $47,400. And California tech workers earn the highest average annual wage of $123,900, according to the TechAmerica Foundation.


Software Services Leading


The Cyberstates 2013 Key Findings include that the software services sector grew by 63,900 jobs in 2012, a 3.5 percent increase. Leading the way in high-tech employment was California (968,800), Texas (485,600), New York (318,200), Virginia (285,400 – 9.8% of with private sector workforce), and Florida (270,900).


Leading States


Following California, Massachusetts tech industry workers were paid the highest annual average wage of $116,000, and Washington was in third place at $110,200. Tech wages on average were double the overall private sector wage in these states: California, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, Virginia, Arizona, and North Carolina. (more…)


June 26, 2014

Tech Trends: Location Based Services


Searching, Shopping, Traveling, Hailing a Cab, Making Friends, … there’s an App for that!LBS-Markers-on-Map

Like AdTech, Location Based Social (LBS) technology is all about pinpointing the right person at the right time, and exactly in the right location. And the LBS market is growing strongly, now in its third generation.


The emerging LBS services will be: retail/shopping, ambient intelligence, hyperlocal social, personal asset tracking, and Bluetooth enabled beacon applications. Expanded beyond navigation and dedicated applications to encapsulate a large range of general consumer and commercial services, ABI Research believes that the market is ready to truly support location based advertising efforts. In fact ABI forecasts a four-fold increase in revenues by 2019.


Here are just a few of the fun LBS companies out there and what they’re up to.


Local Business:


Place Pins, that Pinterest introduced recently which lets people pin their favorite travel destinations, local guides and locations. These pins can be ever further leveraged in conjunction with consumer-facing apps like FourSquare that can search local restaurants, cafes, wineries and other businesses by various criteria and show you which ones your social connections have checked in at. Cross-checking your foursquare selections with Yelp reviews add an added level of information.


Tailored to you specifically at the moment you are in a location is even more exciting. Estimote makes tiny sensors to place in any physical location, such as a retail store. App users then benefit from personalized micro-location based notifications and actions when they walk into the venue. Shopkick uses presence technology and a small speaker that communicates with your cell phone via audio. This app creates foot traffic and provides an interactive experience from bargains to tailored consumer information.


Travel/Tourist Options:


A recent TripAdvisor survey shows that nearly 40% of U.S. respondents have planned trips using mobile devices and 60% have downloaded travel apps. “Whether it is finding the perfect museum or restaurant, booking a hotel or a flight, or sharing advice, it is clear that travelers around the world now rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices to plan and have better trips,” said Mike Putnam, director of mobile product for TripAdvisor.


Flywheel has created an innovative mobile solution to an age-old, real-world problem: sourcing readily available, reliable and reasonably priced rides in busy urban environments. The company’s E-hailing app for iPhones and Android smartphones that lets you hail a cab, watch as your cab approaches, and pay for your cab ride using your smartphone. Redfish Technology uses this religiously in the Bay Area.


Social / Dating:


Momo is a big player internationally, originating in China and now moving into the U.S. space, the company has over 150 Million customers globally. Their free location-based services instant messaging application for smartphones makes it easy to chat up nearby strangers. Users may share images, location information, and audio media messages.  The company offers both one-on-one chat and group chats are available over Wifi or 3G, on Android and iOS.


iHookup’s popular social dating app has entered the Top 30 as the 28th highest grossing social networking app in the USA in the Apple App Store. The Social Networking category currently has 21,925 apps so hitting the top thirty is pretty powerful! The company’s “proximity based” mobile social platform, like Momo, facilitates real connections, between real people, in real time. The app utilizes GPS and localized recommendations for dating, friends, groups and organizations to break through closed social cliques and expand them.


Career in LBS?


Want to work with the hot new technologies and companies that are shaping the emerging generation of location based services? Contact Redfish Technology! 208-788-8260


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June 5, 2014

Tech Trends – AdTech Companies are Hot!

AdTech Companies are Hot!AdTech Companies are Hot!

Ad technology companies are hot, with some selling for as much as eight times what they earn before taxes. With the massive migration to mobile, there’s a particular run on mobile adtech firms.


Adtech merger and acquisition activity was furious in 2011 (60 deals valued at a total of $4.5 billion according to investment bank Coady Diemar (more…)


May 29, 2014

Cloudy, with a Chance of Rain

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Cloudy, with a Chance of Rain

The word “cloud” itself implies something intangible, ever changing and, in fact, dreamlike. Where cloud tech is concerned, the combination of the fact that it’s relatively new, as least as product, and that it does entail relinquishing some control in some regards might be putting some business off. (more…)


May 15, 2014

Innovation Trends – Crowdfunding Industry Disruption

Crowdfunding Industry Disruption

Innovation Trends


At a size estimated to be between nearly $4 billion and some estimates indicate up to $300 billion, the crowdfunding market is a game-changer. Innovative companies are using crowdfunding for new ways to self-finance of course.


Peer-to-peer lending platforms such as Prosper, Lending Club and Funding Circle are also providing consumer and small business credit where banks and other institutions are no longer taking as active a role. (more…)

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