September 8, 2011

The Risks to Solar Energy’s Future, By Gary L Hunt

The Risks to Solar Energy’s Future

Gary L Hunt, Insight Advisors

By Gary L Hunt

Life in the solar energy business is a constant battle between soaring aspirations for long term growth juxtaposed against the terrifying reality of falling prices and global competition.  Selling more might actually mean your solar energy business will just lose more money faster. (more…)


July 1, 2010

Green Job Trends – from the July Newsletter

The US has the opportunity to be the leader in green energy, innovation, and jobs.

Wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and other renewable energies offer four to six times as many jobs as equivalent investments in fossil fuels taking into account manufacturing, installation and operations and maintenance jobs according to the Blue Green Alliance. The How to Revitalize America’s Middle Class with the Clean Energy Economy report finds that over 850,000 manufacturing jobs at existing firms across the United States could be created with the enactment of a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) of 25 percent by 2025. (more…)


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