July 4, 2013

CleanTech Trends Pop Quiz – Answers to last week’s 10 Questions

pop quizCleanTech Trends Pop Quiz Answers

Answers to last week’s 10 Questions

Last week we published a pop quiz to test you savvy on the latest employment, deployment, and penetration rates of the various cleantech sectors.

The answers follow below.


1. Which renewable sector deployment grew by 28 percent in 2012 in the U.S.? (more…)


May 30, 2013

Clean Energy Trends 2013 From Clean Edge Inc.

Clean Energy Trends 2013


Clean Energy Trends 2013 Report from Clean Edge, Inc.

From Clean Edge Inc.


Clean Edge, a leading authority on the clean-tech market, released its 12th annual Clean Energy Trends report.


Last year was a challenge for the clean energy sectors. Layoffs, bankruptcies, decreased funding, and politics, beleaguered the industry. This year, politics are in play again; assaults on state-backed renewable portfolio standards are being mounted on several fronts.


There is plenty of good news too however.


The need for clean tech hasn’t gone away however. The world population continues to expand, straining precious resources of clean air and water. Climate change has undoubtedly played a role in an ever increasing number of weather disasters. The Obama administration has redoubled efforts to grow renewable power and energy efficiency. Clean-tech is increasingly competitive in terms of pricing, wind and solar are reaching cost parity in both utility-scale and distributed markets. (more…)


June 23, 2011

Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Transmission Could be Our Renewable Energy Interstate

Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Transmission Could be Our Renewable Energy Interstate

John Whitney AIA

John Whitney

By John Whitney AIA

The renewable energy transformation of the United States is confronted with two serious challenges: Addressing intermittency in power generation and transmitting low cost renewable power from renewable resource rich regions to the rest of the country. In just the past three years, China has taken the lead in development of ultra high voltage (UHV) transmission lines to address both of these issues. China’s elegant, simple, and cost-effective solution to these challenges is now being implemented in Brazil and India, but in the U.S. depressingly little activity on this front can be observed.

While viable renewable energy resources are available throughout the United States, certain regions are blessed with truly remarkable renewable assets: Solar power in the insolation intense Southwest, on-shore wind generation in the windy Great Plains, hydropower in the Northwest and Northeast, and deep enhanced geothermal in the West. With constantly improving technology and steadily dropping costs, renewable energy power generation is now cost effective in many regions of the U.S. However, apologists for the conventional power generation industry continue to argue that without aggressive incentivization and subsidies, power from renewable generation sources is just too costly for most of the country. (more…)


May 17, 2011

Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top green career opportunities are in Wind, Clean Energy Systems, Solar, Renewable Energy Asset Management, Electric, Smart Grid and Geothermal. Positions include Physicists, Reliability Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Project Managers, Sales Professionals, Operations and Technical Analysts, and more. (more…)


May 10, 2011

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