June 7, 2012

Tech Trends: “Battle For the Internet”

“Battle For the Internet”

I really enjoyed the seven day series of articles that the Guardian put together under the title Battle For the Internet. In a nutshell these are the topics the clusters of articles explore and address under the sequential themes.


1st Day: “The New Cold War”

– Exploring forces and issues surrounding an open or closed internet.


These articles explore the forces that seek to censure and close the internet. The forces that would control public information and the use of the internet include the usual suspects of the governments in China (controllers of the “Great Firewall”) in some countries in Arabia and Eastern Europe, but interestingly Apple and FaceBook are named as would-be tenders of “Walled Gardens”.

The forces striving to liberate the internet for all include subversive groups like WikiLeaks, and establishment established groups such as US government-funded technology project “Commotion Wireless”. Commotion Wireless enables any smartphone user to connect with other smartphones to form a “mesh network”, or impromptu internet, and hence defy censorship efforts allowing communication in stealth mode. (more…)


March 22, 2012

Cloud Computing – What’s It All About?

Cloud Computing – What’s It All About?

By Francis LiskaFrancis Liska

Cloud computing – we hear the term almost daily. But really, just what is cloud computing all about? First of all, it’s useful to understand where the term came from. It most likely originated from the use of a cloud image to represent a networked computing environment or the internet. (more…)


September 1, 2011

February 23, 2011

Tech Industry Trends: Mobile Media – 2010 review & 2011 trends to watch

Tech Trends: Mobile Media

2010 review & 2011 trends to watch

The number of mobile devices now surpasses the number of PC’s. 2 billion people connect to the internet; more than half connect through mobile devices. There are now 1.3 million apps on mobile devices, as compared to 10’s of thousands on PC’s. 2010 witnessed dynamic growth manifested in the mobile market. (more…)


January 12, 2011

Technology Trends This Year – Gartner Top 2011 Predictions

Technology Trends This Year  

Gartner’s Talking Technology Series features Daryl Plummer, Managing VP, in a discussion on the top IT predictions for 2011 and beyond. These top predictions are intended to set the stage of what is going to happen in the most interesting areas of Gartner’s research. The trends are towards a shifting in the way technology and IT organizations are employed by businesses, global economies and individuals. Here’s a quick and dirty list of the predictions: 

  • Online sabotage: A G20 nation’s critical infrastructure will be disrupted and damaged via the internet, by 2015. (more…)
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