April 4, 2013

Affordable, Scalable Clean Energy Storage and Reuse – A Revolution for the Hydrogen Economy?

Hydrogen Electrolyzer Freezer-SizeAffordable, Scalable Clean Energy Storage and Reuse

A Revolution for the Hydrogen Economy?

Clean Tech Trends

An exciting new discovery has been made by Canadian scientists that would allow the electrolysis of water for hydrogen generation. The discovery would allow renewable energy to be stored and reused at a cost of 1000 less than technologies previously developed.


One of the biggest impediments to affordable renewable energy use on a mass-scale has been timing. Peak use does not necessarily coincide with peak production of wind and solar energy, and storing the energy has not been an affordable option.


Such energy is clean and renewable, but it’s available only when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. The new technology opens the door to homeowners and energy companies being able to easily store and reuse solar and wind power.



August 9, 2012

Featured Placement: Ken Oatman, Central Regional Sales Manager – Solar Equipment & Solutions

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Recruiting Success Stories

Featured Placement – Ken Oatman

Central Regional Sales Manager,  Solar Equipment & Solutions


Striving to be a leading renewable energy equipment and turnkey solution provider globally, the company has an unswerving commitment to delivering the highest quality and most cost-effective solar solutions. Understanding the company’s strategy and their vision of partnering to achieve their customers’ most challenging goals, when the VP of Sales needed to hire a Central Regional Sales Manager, Redfish Technology immediately knew who to look for. The role required a solar visionary, a sales management leader, and a solutions innovator.

Ken Oatman is one of those quintessential sales leaders with over 20 years of experience in Consultative Solution Selling, Key Account Management, and Channel Development. He has rich experience and a solid history of success in building business in residential and commercial PV system sales, bringing over 500 new customers to his last company. Ken is a highly organized, hands-on manager, who does what it takes to make his team and everyone else around him successful. His familiarity with the company’s solar products, his regional connections, and his tremendous knowledge of state and federal incentives made him the perfect candidate for the job.

“Greg Schreiner was meticulous with communication, follow up, and finesse while helping me land my dream job. What I didn’t anticipate is how he helped me as a career coach, which is a great service during a major life transition like changing jobs. I have referred multiple other candidates back to Redfish because it’s a quality organization.” – Ken Oatman

For more Featured Placements, see the Employer pages on the Redfish Website.



May 31, 2012

CleanTech Trends: Categorizing Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

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John Whitney AIA

John Whitney

Categorizing Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

By John Whitney, AIA

What circumstances make hybrid power systems reasonable, economical, and/or highly desirable?

This is a work in progress, but I would like to achieve more clarity in my thinking about hybrid renewable energy systems. Here’s what I’ve got so far (I’m looking for feedback):


By their very nature, hybrid energy systems are developed to solve a problem with a stand-alone generation system. The problem can be situational (remote location makes access to conventional fuels and power grid difficult or impossible) or it can be a system-specific shortcoming (i.e., the intermittent nature of some renewable generation technologies). Additional stimulus for their use may include environmental (desire to lessen impact of conventional generation plant), or economical (use of multiple energy sources to drive a shared generation technology and transmission access) motives. (more…)


January 26, 2012

“Top 10 Clean Tech Trends To Watch in 2012”

“Top 10 Clean Tech Trends To Watch in 2012”

Transmissions Blog - The Antenna Groupdeveloped by The Antenna Group in collaboration with numerous cleantech clients.


Drawn from dialogue with companies in renewable energy, energy efficiency, alternative fuels, energy storage, finance, waste management and water, here are the top 10 clean tech trends to watch in 2012. “2012 is shaping up to be a critical year in the transition to a cleaner, more energy-efficient world.” The list is developed by The Antenna Group, the largest and most experienced clean technology public relations firm in the U.S., providing strategic communications for more than 40 clients in clean technology, renewable energy and sustainability. (more…)


December 6, 2011

Priority Clean Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

Priority Clean Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top green career opportunities are for Energy Efficiency Engineers, M&V Engineers, Business Development Manager, Construction Manager, Integration Programmer, Electric Vehicle Program Manager, Power Electronics Designer, Renewable Energy Business Developer, Solar Engineers and Designers, and more. Read this week’s top priorities: (more…)

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