April 1, 2013

Redfish Technology Inc. Acquires DICE.com in Surprise Move

Redfish Technology Inc. Acquires DICE.com in Surprise MoveRedfish Technology Acquires Dice.com - Poisson d'avril


Completely unforeseen by industry analysts, Redfish Technology pulls off a surprise acquisition of Dice.com. Redfish will now offer even more extraordinary value to both candidates and client technology companies.


April 1, 2013 – Sun Valley, ID / Milpitas, CA / Newport, RI


Redfish Technology, Inc. (NYSE:RED), a leading nationwide recruiting company focused in the high tech and cleantech sectors, announced today that it has acquired Dice.com from Dice Holdings, Inc. This acquisition marks Redfish’s expansion into the career website market.


“Dice Holdings approached me last quarter about acquiring Redfish Technology,” reported Rob Reeves, President and CEO of Redfish Technology. “Redfish’s growing number of clients and the increasing hiring made us a logical complement to the voluminous technology talent that Dice encompasses.” (more…)


February 28, 2013

CleanTech/High Tech Trends: Startup Hiring & Retention Struggles

Startup Outlook 2013-SVB

Startup Outlook 2013 – Silicon Valley Bank

CleanTech/High Tech Trends: Start Up Hiring & Retention Struggles, Silicon Bank Survey Reports

Hiring and Retention of Tech Talent is a Challenge.


“Every time I meet with a group of tech company CEOs they say the same thing: hiring world-class talent is one of their biggest challenges. They struggle to find, attract and retain the engineering, scientific and technical talent they need to grow their businesses.” – Greg Becker, President and Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Valley Bank.[plus1 count=”true” size=”standard”][/plus1]



August 2, 2012

Software Leads the Funding Pack Q1 2012

Software Leads the Funding Pack Q1 2012

Tech Trends


The latest MoneyTree™ Report shows that of all the Venture Capital industries, Software leads the pack in garnering VC investment. At $1.6 billion dollars of investment this first quarter, the industry raised almost 20% less than last quarter’s $2 billion. The most deals to be completed category also goes to the Software industry, at 231 rounds for a 12 percent decrease over 2011’s 262 rounds in the last quarter.


This quarter’s second place winners in dollars invested were the Biotechnology and Industrial/Energy sectors in a near tie at $780 million and $778 million respectively. In terms of first-time rounds in the first quarter, companies in the Software, Media & Entertainment, and the IT services industries received the most.


Clean Technology – which crosses over traditional MoneyTree industries, includes alternative energy, pollution and recycling, power supplies and conservation – garnered $951 million in 73 deals, down 30 percent in dollars and 11 percent in volume.


Ranking in the top ten deals of Q1 were two Internet-specific deals. Internet-Specific is a cross classification that is independent of an organization’s primary industry category. Investment in internet companies, those whose business model is fundamentally dependent on the Internet, continued at over $1 billion dollars per quarter, a trend that is in its eighth consecutive quarter. As compared with last quarter, investment in internet-specific deals was down 3 percent in dollar volume and down 23 percent in deal volume.


The geographic magnet continues to be Silicon Valley, where 36 percent of the $5.8 billion of U.S. investment landed. Second place was taken by New England, and third by LA/Orange County.



Information herein is drawn from the MoneyTree Report which is published on a quarterly basis. It is a look at the venture capital investment activity in the United States. The report is a co-production of PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association, based upon data from Thomson Reuters. Read the entire report on the PWC website.


About Redfish Technology:

Redfish Technology is an executive High Tech recruiter, the search firm works with a variety of companies from innovative start-ups to global Fortune 500. Through the dot-com and the dot-bomb, the company continues to recruit top talent in SaaS, Cloud, Digital Media, Mobile, Networking, e-Learning, Software, Unified Communications, and related ICT and High Tech sectors.


July 19, 2012

The Biggest Challenge Facing Silicon Valley Companies.

Human Resources imageThe Biggest Challenge Facing Silicon Valley Companies.


“What’s the biggest challenge facing companies that bank with you?” asked John Cook from Geekwire.

“Finding appropriate talent,” answered Greg Becker, CEO of Silicon Valley Bank. “It is such an anomaly relative to the rest of the general economy that it is hard for the general economy to grasp how different it is.” (more…)


September 22, 2011

The Rock Stars of Silicon Valley

The Rock Stars of Silicon Valley

By Dominique Soenens, Vacature Magazine

© Griet Dekoninck

© Griet Dekoninck

Is the talent war over? 

Not in Silicon Valley.  In the technological heart of the U.S., software engineers enjoy the status almost of a rock star: companies fight to land them, their wages rose last year and they are sometimes prone to the most amazing extras.

End of June.  It’s smothering hot in Palo Alto, the university town in the heart of Silicon Valley.  People are strolling lazily down University Avenue, the tree-lined street that cuts the center in half.  On the covered patio of Starbucks, a good stone’s throw from the prestigious Stanford University, almost everybody is busy strumming on his laptop. Whether it’s a work meeting, a video meeting or a young start-upper working on the next big thing, a terrace with free Wi-Fi is a suitable area for many who work in the technology valley.

“I have a meeting soon, I just stopped in here with a friend,” said the 26-year-old technology consultant Jordan Buller, a laptop and coffee within reach.  “I studied computer science at the University of Virginia and came here because of the nice job offers that I’ve received. That was three years ago when the economy is badly made. Now it is much better. A lot of people are being recruited, and the demand is high, not only for people that graduated at top universities like Berkeley and Stanford.”  Many people come here. Did I dream of a business? Of course, everyone in Silicon Valley dreams of a business. I just have no concrete plans.”

Whether dreaming of their own project or not, engineers live (again) in a golden era in Silicon Valley.  Figures published in the NY Times indicate that this year alone, nearly 150,000 new technology jobs will be created in the U.S.. Over the last year, wages of top engineers – especially software engineers – have gone up. While the salaries for IT engineers have barely increased since the outbreak of the recent economic crisis throughout the rest of the U.S., a Dice salary survey of American experts indicates that salaries in Silicon Valley grew in 2010 by an average of 3 percent.  And this year, that percentage is much higher, by a whole lot.

“We’ve really seen the war for talent erupt over the last eight months,” said Andy Nacsin of Redfish Technology, a recruitment agency specializing in the high technology and clean technology sectors in Silicon Valley.  “Wages have since gone up by about 10 percent.  Companies are offering bonuses and shares, many companies are seriously pushing these to attract the talent they want.”

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Read the original article “De rocksterren van Silicon Valleyby Dominique Soenens



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