May 30, 2013

Clean Energy Trends 2013 From Clean Edge Inc.

Clean Energy Trends 2013


Clean Energy Trends 2013 Report from Clean Edge, Inc.

From Clean Edge Inc.


Clean Edge, a leading authority on the clean-tech market, released its 12th annual Clean Energy Trends report.


Last year was a challenge for the clean energy sectors. Layoffs, bankruptcies, decreased funding, and politics, beleaguered the industry. This year, politics are in play again; assaults on state-backed renewable portfolio standards are being mounted on several fronts.


There is plenty of good news too however.


The need for clean tech hasn’t gone away however. The world population continues to expand, straining precious resources of clean air and water. Climate change has undoubtedly played a role in an ever increasing number of weather disasters. The Obama administration has redoubled efforts to grow renewable power and energy efficiency. Clean-tech is increasingly competitive in terms of pricing, wind and solar are reaching cost parity in both utility-scale and distributed markets. (more…)


November 27, 2012

November 13, 2012

January 13, 2011

Green Energy Trends – EIA long and short term predictions

Green Energy Trends

Energy Information Administration long and short term predictions

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has made some preliminary trend predictions for the U.S. Energy market, in its “AEO2011 Early Release Overview” and “Short-Term Energy Outlook” reports.  

Natural gas production is projected to increase at more competitive prices. This is due in part to technological improvements in natural gas extraction technologies and in part to the assumed doubling of the rate at which shale gas resources are tapped into. (more…)


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