May 28, 2012

2012 Startup Outlook Survey, by Silicon Valley Bank

2012 Startup Outlook Survey, by Silicon Valley Bank

Every year the Silicon Valley Bank published its Startup Outlook Survey. Intimately acquainted with Silicon Valley startups in high technology, software, and clean technology, SVB has their finger on the industry pulse.

“The 2012 Startup Outlook Survey captures a U.S. economy in transition. The technology sector continues to lead the broader economy out of the downturn, posting strong returns even as the overall economy strains to rebound. Dynamic new sectors are growing rapidly, businesses are hiring and startup executives are bullish on the U.S. market. Optimism and confidence remain high.

 Yet warning signs exist — particularly for capital-intensive sectors and those that depend on the government to set market rules. Left unaddressed, these weak spots could grow and ultimately choke the United States’ ability to sustain its position as the leader in innovation based economic growth.”



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