December 4, 2014

August 21, 2014

Semantic Technology Trends

Tech Trends & OpportunitiesSemantic Technology Trends


Redfish Technology works with some very interesting technology companies, and by virtue of this arena we meet a lot of interesting people. Part of the allure of tech recruiting is the opportunity to be involved with so many exciting people and companies, and typically at especially exciting growth phases in their trajectory.


Semantic technology is a great example. Expert System, a unique big data firm specialized in semantic intelligence technology, is a growth-mode client leading the industry with cutting-edge patented technology that allows for semantic differentiation in big data. (more…)


January 2, 2014

Tech Trends 2014: Redfish’s Favorite Tech Trend Prognostications


Image courtesy of twobee at

Image courtesy of twobee at

Redfish’s Favorite Tech Trend Prognostications


Mobile trends, Recruiting trends, Marketing trends, Health Trends, … Here’s the Top 9 Trends that Redfish Technology “likes” from many illustrious forecasters! Enjoy!


1. HR Technology: Social Media And Continuous Learning Continues To Grow In Significance – Source:

7 Hottest Trends In HR Technology” by Meghan M. Biro

Social media is one area that has lived up to its hype. It’s an amazing talent management, branding and employee engagement tool. For example – by creating a 3-dimensional profile of an applicant (Google the person’s name-Wink), talent simply leaps out. People’s quirks, interesting detours, offbeat skills all come to life as we learn more about people’s personalities and “real lives”. As do certain negatives like rigid ideology, or a tendency to be snarky or combative. Within an organization, social media, social learning and big data are an unparalleled communication and cohesion tool if understood and utilized correctly.


2. Recruiting Will Look More and More Like Marketing – Source:

4 Trends to Watch for in 2014” by Melissa Bailey

Deep down, executives know they should be deliberately managing their employer brand — but don’t make the time to do it! Employer branding always seems to fall into the “important but not urgent” category, since recruiters are encouraged to focus on activities that yield more immediate results. In a recent meeting with a client, I asked them what their priorities were, and their response was “to hire 18 engineers.”  This is a very clear target – when they accomplish it, there will be pats on the back and objectives ticked off. However, focusing on short-term hiring goals won’t make recruiters jobs easier in the long run: they will have just as much work to do when they need to hire engineers next year. (more…)


September 5, 2013

15 Tips for Clean/Green Tech Accelerator Success

Kachan - Cleantech Analysis and Consulting

Kachan – Cleantech Analysis and Consulting

15 Tips for Clean/Green Tech Accelerator Success

Clean Tech Trends

By Dallas Kachan

Previously managing director of the Cleantech Group, Dallas Kachan is now managing partner of Kachan & Co., a cleantech research and advisory firm that publishes research on clean technology companies and future trends.


Business incubators, also called accelerators, are designed to support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services. Dedicated to startup and early-stage companies, technology incubators in particular have been the spring boards for the bleeding edge Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Logitech, Intuit, Sun Microsystems, and PayPal. (more…)


July 4, 2013

CleanTech Trends Pop Quiz – Answers to last week’s 10 Questions

pop quizCleanTech Trends Pop Quiz Answers

Answers to last week’s 10 Questions

Last week we published a pop quiz to test you savvy on the latest employment, deployment, and penetration rates of the various cleantech sectors.

The answers follow below.


1. Which renewable sector deployment grew by 28 percent in 2012 in the U.S.? (more…)

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