September 29, 2010

Employee Retention, It’s about the Bottom Line

Employee Retention

It’s about the Bottom Line

Turnover is a money drain. Every time you lose a valued employee, you’re losing money. Despite the currently high unemployment rate, employee retention at all levels throughout your organization remains an important part of your business process. The more stable your workforce, the more focuses you can be on your mission and your bottom line. (more…)


September 27, 2010

Tips for Finding a New Job While You Are Currently Employed

Tips for Finding a New Job While You Are Currently Employed

The current job market is not ideal and there is uncertainty; that said there are great career opportunities out there. If you are currently employed it is more difficult to conduct a job search, but it can be done smartly and respectfully. Here are some tips for a productive job search while currently employed, and moving on with grace:


Job hunting while you are employed can be tricky. You don’t want to burn bridges or be replaced before you have found your dream job. While in general the more people who know you are looking, the easier for people to find you, this is not an option when you need to keep your current employment. Conducting a job search confidentially means choosing the people you tell wisely. Typically you wouldn’t include your co-workers, upper management, or company contacts in this secret. Working with a recruiter will protect your identity until mutual interest with a prospective employer is established. When you do have an interview, let the company know that your job search is confidential. (more…)


September 24, 2010

Employee ‘fit’ gives edge in recovery. By Shannon Klie

Employee ‘fit’ gives edge in recovery
Talent management critical in helping firms succeed

By Shannon Klie


As the economy improves and organizations move from survival mode to growth mode, it’s critical for organizations to hire people who fit with the organization’s values and culture, not just the job, according to Sean Slater, vice-president of employer services firm vpi.

When there is people-organization fit, employees willingly embrace and commit to the company’s strategic plan and this gives an organization a competitive advantage over organizations that don’t have that same fit, said Slater, who is based in Mississauga, Ont.

“The alignment between the people that work for the organization and their objectives and their values with the values, culture and objectives of the organization is key to being able to bring life to the strategy. Bringing life to the strategy is what ultimately helps businesses be successful,” (more…)


September 20, 2010

Job Searching Avenues

Job Searching

There are many ways to job search, and certainly the more avenues that are explored and doors knocked on, the greater number of opportunities you will find. Obviously you need your resume polished and ready. Next, develop a list of the companies you’d like to work for. Now get in touch! (more…)


September 17, 2010

“I Can’t Get No (da, da, da) Sa-tis-fac-tion!”

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“I Can’t Get No (da, da, da) Sa-tis-fac-tion!”

Author: Joy Kosta | Source: HCI 

When Mick Jagger first sang that lyric in 1965, The Rolling Stones probably didn’t foresee it would become embedded in classic rock, let alone resonate with talent today, regardless of one’s generation. Whether you’re a boomer, Gen Y or in between, talent engagement today is near an all time low. Why is it that people are getting less satisfaction from their work? (more…)

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