January 13, 2011

The Great Balancing Act

The Great Balancing Act

Rob Reeves

Rob Reeves

By Rob Reeves, President/CEO Redfish Technology

Work-life balance is something we at Redfish have always taken seriously. Part of the reason is because I personally have fallen completely out of balance in this arena.

Off the deep end

My recruiting adventure started (more…)


January 12, 2011

Staffing & Employment News

Staffing & Employment News – Optimism and Hiring over next six months

Recruiters are often called a bellwether of the economy, and as such we’d like to share good news with you. Redfish Technology more than doubled our production in 2010 and we look forward to a strong year ahead.

According to ExecuNet, two-thirds of executive recruiters anticipate more management talent over the next six months in spite of the continued measures to contain corporate headcount. ExecuNet wrote in a press release that in December that their “benchmark Recruiter Confidence Index revealed that 66 percent of 144 responding executive recruiters are “confident” or “very confident” the executive employment market will improve over the next six months, up five points from November and the highest confidence registered since the second quarter of 2008.” (more…)


January 11, 2011

What Are Employers Doing About Work-Life Balance? And What are the Employer Benefits?

Work/Life Balance

– part 2

In December we looked at some tips for people to achieve work-life balance and put forth our own survey. Click to view the results of the Redfish survey. This month we focus on various approaches companies are taking to address work-life balance, and reap benefits from the mobility and flexibility that technology facilitates and more and more employees desire.

What Are Employers Doing About Work-Life Balance? And What are the Employer Benefits?

This month, there are several articles on strategies that companies are employing to not only help their employees achieve better work-life balance, but also impact the company’s bottom line. BestBuy, Citrix, Microsoft, Google, and more companies than you think have programs to address work/life balance and employee satisfaction, many include some form of telework (a.k.a. telecommuting, workshifting, remote work, location-neutral work, and doubtlessly some other terms). (more…)


January 10, 2011

The Results of the Redfish Work-Life Tips Survey are . . .

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Redfish Survey Work-Life Tips

In December we looked at some tips for people to achieve work-life balance and put forth our own survey. The results of the Redfish survey (as of the first week of January) are:

Work-Life Balance Tips, Ranking:


  1 = Not Important , 2 = Somewhat Useful , 3 = Important , 4 = Very Important , 5 = Most Important
Answer Rating Score*
Do a Job You Love 3.9
Set Your Priorities for both Work and Play 3.9
Set Work Boundaries / Respect Your Private Time 3.9
Be Healthy (Get Enough Sleep, Exercise, Eat Healthy) 3.8
Schedule Personal Time Each Day 3.7
Take More Vacations and Time Off 3.6
Get Organized, Focus on Priorities 3.5
Focus on One Thing at a Time 2.7
Have Lunch in Bangkok Every So Often 2.5
Get a Life Coach or Mentor 2.1

    *The Rating Score is the weighted average calculated by dividing the sum of all weighted ratings by the number of total responses.       


  • Bangkok?, how about the French Riviera or a villa in the Swiss Alps? These I would have said “Most Important”
  • LOL, like the last one.
  • I believe that real time off (not when you are checking emails and taking calls all the time) is very important.
  • Be flexible when necessary, but keep the balance.

 What do you think? 

This survey is still open. If you want to weigh in, please do.       

Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance

Here is a collection of tips for the busy CEO to the rest of us. The Inc staff has compiled vignettes by CEOs with advice on creating equilibrium between work and play such as having lunch in Bangkok. Salary.com provides 14 tips attainable by the rest of us such as setting priorities and boundaries, scheduling time for ourselves, and recharging our batteries.
Read the full article     


January 7, 2011

Studies Show Teleworkers Have More Job Satisfaction, and Work Harder!

Studies Show Teleworkers Have More Job Satisfaction, and Work Harder!

A research study conducted by Kathryn Fonner, UWM and Michael Roloff, Northwestern University, analyzed conflicting perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages of a location-neutral workforce. Two sets of employees were surveyed: traditional employees, who work in an office-based setting with their colleagues on a full-time basis; and teleworkers, who work from a location of their choice outside of the traditional office at least three days a week.

The results showed that while physical proximity provides the advantage of daily face-to-face dialogue, it “may not be necessary for an effective and satisfying work environment”. There are also disadvantages such as less effective and autonomous time management. In fact, a primary conclusion of the study is that limited face-to-face communication offers many advantages. (more…)

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