April 26, 2011

The Right Talent Critical for Business Growth Strategy Implementation, Say Leading CEOs

The Right Talent Critical for Business Growth Strategy Implementation, Say Leading CEOs

The CEO Challenge 2011 cites Growth and Talent as the most critical challenges. After years of scaling back, driving business growth emerges as top concern for corporate leadership. Talent management and innovation are the most critical vehicles for business growth strategies today.

Growth is a fundamental component of success for all businesses. The lingering recession, unknown outcome of policy making in the US, environmental and political crises internationally, all present serious roadblocks to growth.

Talent is the next biggest concern cited. Talent management and innovation emerged as the most critical vehicles for implementing business growth strategies. Key strategies to address talent challenges include: improving leadership development/grow talent internally, enhancing the effectiveness of the senior team, providing employee training and development and improving leadership succession.

“Consensus among CEOs was clear: having the right talent will make a critical difference in executing against any of today’s business challenges,” says Rebecca Ray, Ph.D., Managing Director of Human Capital at The Conference Board.

Read the full Conference Board Press Release.



  1. [...] The Right Talent Critical for Business Growth Strategy Implementation, Say Leading CEOs [...]

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