May 28, 2012

Personnel Mobilization Doctrine. By Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager

Personnel Mobilization Doctrine

Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager

Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager

By Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager



The term “Recruiting” originally meant “to enlist new soldiers”. Every army needs to replenish troops over time, and at certain times they need to grow their numbers to accomplish specific operations.


Militaries, to facilitate this process, have established recruiting commands. These units are solely responsible for increasing military enlistment. The mission of the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) is to recruit candidates for service. This process includes the recruiting, medical and psychological examination, induction, and administrative processing of potential service personnel. (more…)


May 21, 2012

Where Has All the Talent Gone? By Robert Teal, CCP, CBP

Robert Teal, CCP, CBP

Robert Teal

Where Has All the Talent Gone?

By Robert Teal, CCP, CBP

Or is the question, “Where has all of my talent gone?”


Matt Lynley, writing for the Business Insider on April 7th, reported that employees are jumping ship at Apple. Running a search on LinkedIn, a professional social media site, Lynley looked for individuals whose past employer was Apple. Lynley found 17 of those former Apple employees at Zynga, a social gaming leader.
Where did other Apple employees go? According to Lynley here is where a sizable group of former Apple employees landed.

Facebook, 73 VMWare, 118 IBM, 130
Adobe, 154 Dell, 157 Oracle, 163
Hewlett-Packard, 216 Microsoft, 300 Google, 315
Cisco Systems, 329



May 14, 2012

Puffing, padding, lying, – What a yahoo!

Puffing, padding, lying, –

What a yahoo!


The Merriam-Webster Online defines the noun yahoo as a boorish, crass, or stupid person. And while we certainly wouldn’t want to call former Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson a yahoo, he did make a very stupid decision.


How his bio dating back to his PayPal tenure came to include a computer science degree from Stonehill College is still unclear. This fictitious degree has replicated itself throughout two companies’ bios and into corporate documents recently filed with the SEC.


Scott Thompson tried to blame the introduction of the fictitious degree on the executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles. “We’ve are often asked to help candidates with resumes, to give feedback on organization, content, style,” said executive tech recruiter Rob Reeves, Redfish Technology. “However a recruiter would never add or invent information. It is absolutely an absurd claim.”


Ultimately, whether you puff, pad or lie, a day of reckoning will come. And the loss of credibility that comes on the day of reckoning will be severe. The collateral damage in this case is pretty large, disrupting a large company, interrupting focus on business, calling into question judgment, and undoubtedly damaging morale at Yahoo!.


Between the internet and background checks, it is never a good idea to puff or pad, and certainly never to lie. Interestingly, with the public-ization of resumes via the internet, especially sites like Linkedin, there has been an improvement in the honesty practiced on resumes.  At least in terms of prior work experience and responsibilities. This is according to a Cornell article “The Effect of Linkedin on Deception in Resumes” by Jamie Guillory and Jeffrey T. Hancock. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. March 2012.


“Compared with traditional resumes, Linkedin resumes were less deceptive about the kinds of information that count most to employers, namely an applicant’s prior work experience and responsibilities, but more deceptive about interests and hobbies.”



Pre-employment Screening; The New Player That Every Office Needs on Their Team.

Pre-employment Screening; The New Player That Every Office Needs on Their Team.

From mega staffing firms to big time industries, from companies of communications and technologies to the small town restaurant owner simply searching for a few good servers; every business is faced with the same fears and problems of hiring that new employee. Pre-employment Screening can help bring some answers to these problems.

Most of us have worked in a time where a reference from a potential employee actually meant something. Remember when a resume filled with diplomas, past jobs, and community services truly displayed the character and essence of a person?  Unfortunately, the days of a sturdy handshake sealing the deal have simply slipped away. 

With the dawning of a new era, we have adapted and conformed to reality.  We still hire new employees and expect a trustworthy relationship, accepting them into our circle.  Now, we use a new team player which is at our fingertips to help us. 

Pre-employment Screening is the strategic opportunity which gives the employer the potential to avoid hiring a harmful or even inappropriate employee.  Pre-employment Screening is that new player.  It is very accessible to anyone looking for that help.  The choices of avenue are numerous. So, like that coach who seeks out that perfect player for his team, an employer must also find the right Pre-employment Screening Company which fits, best with his team members.

There are many Pre-employment Screening companies who adhere strictly to the internet. All exchange simply consists of emails.   They remind us of the companies out there who have a computer generated phone system.  The allusive customer service representative is never to be found.  This type of Pre-employment Screening Company is not totally off basis.  In our fast paced society, this is the perfect solution for companies who find human contact an interference and obstacle in trying to meet their daily deadlines.  To be honest, that screening company fits perfect with many employers and their members.  They are the perfect team player.

Let’s swing to the other side of the spectrum.  What about the other employers who enjoy service, and want a personal touch?  There is a choice for you also.  Pre-employment Screening does not have to simply be only an email away.  Look for that Screening Company who has a healthy balance.  They are out there also and will have that person to talk you through your problems until you find your answer.  They are found to be efficient and personal at the same time. 

No matter which way your company swings in the scenario, your Pre-employment Screening team member is out there.  It is crucial you find the right fit for you and your team members.

While Pre-employment Screening has the potential of being this year’s MVP, it is facing some game changers and issues which have come about.  Yes, Pre-employment Screening might enhance the safety of you and your fellow workers or save financial loss, it might simply help an employer save face; but it is a subject which is growing and facing its own difficulties.  This “new team player” or “rookie” is arousing a lot of attention and not all of it is good.  It looks like Pre-employment Screening will have to play by some rules.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act governs background checks under federal law, but now there are a number of state issues that must be measured when selecting applicants for employment.  With all 50 states being involved, to specify every state mandate, restriction, compliance, imposing and limitation would be too numerous and tedious to describe.  The Associated Press, Washington, published April 25, 2012; announced “New gov’t guidance on employee background checks”.   Trends are showing that while Pre-employment Screening will be regulated more and more by states and government, they  will still multiply and that will lead to mutual escalations in effectiveness but also in difficulties.  It seems, just like every game played by a team, the Refs have come out with new ways to enforce rules and change the way the game is played.  Like every good player, Pre-employment Screening is too valuable to lose.  It is here to stay and will adapt and learn to conform in every situation.

Now getting back to your team, be sure you are making a team effort in the hiring of an employee.  Utilize the skills of others around you.  Only you and your coworkers can decide “how a person fits into your company”, or “will they meet the qualifications that are necessary for this role?”, “do they possess the skills needed for this precise position?” 

Now it’s time to bring in your “new player”.  Let him finish up the process by closing some vital questions.  “Has this person been honest on his facts presented in his resume?” and “do they have any history of violence which may concern the safety of your staff and company?”  Lastly “is this person trustworthy and reliable for this position?”

Remember, superstars alone don’t win championships.  A Pre-employment Search alone will not find the valued employee and answers you and your team is looking for, but solid united teams do!  Utilize all of your team members in this team effort.  Pre-employment Screening will be an amazing addition, and by reforming your efforts, you will recruit the person who fits impeccably with your office team. 

That team will be the one who will lead you all the way to the end zone!


About the author:


Dawn Chalupnik is an Accounts Marketing Manager/Writer at Express Services. Express Services offers Pre-Employment and Background Information reports. The company’s website is:



May 7, 2012

Staffing & Employment News: April showers?

Staffing & Employment News

April Showers Turn Out to be a Drizzle. 


April didn’t shower us with an abundance of jobs; with an increase of only 115,000 net, and 130,000 in private payrolls. This slow-down disappointed after March’s 154,000 new jobs and February’s 259,000. The biggest gains were in professional & business services at 62,000, retail trade increased by 29,000, health care rose by 19,000, and leisure & hospitality added 12,000. Goods-producing jobs increased by 14,000 after a 38,000 rise in March. (more…)


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