July 16, 2012

Managing Expectations: A Prerequisite to Successful Hiring. By Heidi Clark, COO, CHO, Redfish Technology, Inc.

Managing Expectations:A Prerequisite to Successful Hiring

Heidi Clark, COO, CHO (Chief Humanity Officer)

Heidi Clark, COO, CHO (Chief Humanity Officer)

By Heidi Clark, COO, CHO


One of the key competencies of an executive recruiter is that of setting expectations, yours and mine.

The recruiter is out there acting as an emissary for a company. She must embody the corporate values and ethics of his client, she must create enthusiasm and motivation for the opportunity. When reaching out to both potential candidates and professionals who may refer the next candidate, the recruiter is representing the company brand. The better the collaboration and communication between the hiring manager and the recruiter, the more successful the process. (more…)


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