November 3, 2014

Soft Skills: Easy to Feel Out, Harder to Test

While hard skills are fairly easy to evaluate, soft skills are harder.


The soft skills are rather intangible: communication, leadership, critical thinking, creativity, team collaboration, attitude, common sense, and relationships, amongst others.

Coding and problem-solving tests are fairly straightforward ways to gauge hard skill level, but how do you measure a candidate’s soft skills?

Evaluating Soft Skills


Social Media

Almost everyone in the United States has at least one social networking profile at this point, so researching a candidate’s online presence is fairly easy. Social media and websites provide an interesting window into a person’s soft skills. Of interest is everything from how thoroughly and professionally people present themselves, to the content and comments that they choose to post on online media.

Video Interviewing

Some companies solicit video responses as a filtering mechanism that quickly gives a sense of a person’s soft skills. A company may ask candidates to answer a few questions in a video format to be submitted along with a resume or as the next step in the pre-interview process. There are obviously a lot of efficiencies gained by getting a peek at talent, although some people are fairly shy of performing in front of a somewhat anonymous audience. (more…)


January 27, 2014

Getting Yourself Geared Up for the Executive Job Hunt

Getting-Yourself Geared Up for the Executive Job Hunt

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects jobs for executives to increase only 5 percent through 2020. That’s significantly lower than the average growth rate of most positions. With fewer executive positions to compete for, you’ll need to have the right resume, the right image and the right answers for critical interview questions. Get yourself prepared with these suggestions to keep yourself in the game. (more…)


December 16, 2013

How to Dress the Part of the Next CEO: Dressing Right for the Interview

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How to Dress the Part of the Next CEODressing Right for the Interview

Dressing Right for the Interview


Looks can be deceiving, but there is one area where this rule may not apply – the job interview. What a person wears and how they look can instantly convey their appropriateness for a company, whether done consciously or subconsciously.


Establishing rapport and sharing past accomplishments are important, especially when applying for leadership positions. Often, higher-level positions require multiple interviews with different parts of an organization. But this also creates increased pressure for candidates to dress appropriately. (more…)


November 18, 2013

Do You Really Want to Work There? Get Your Questions Answered When Interviewing for a Job

Do You Really Want to Work There?

Get Your Questions Answered When Interviewing for a Job

Anna Mathieu, Marketing Communications Manager

Anna Mathieu, Marketing Communications Manager

By Anna Mathieu, Marketing Communications Manager, Redfish Technology

The interview process is the usually final step in a company’s selection and vetting process, contingent upon reference and background checks of course.

For candidates this is also the last step typically in the application process. And certainly it is the best opportunity to learn as much as possible about the work environment and company culture, the personalities on the team and the management style, the less tangible aspects that aren’t written on the job description or the company website.

Recruiters often ask candidates along the application process to gauge their interest in a specific opportunity. This is something the candidate should be doing throughout the process. (more…)


September 16, 2013

Don’t Be Stymied In Your Job Interview

Don’t Be Stymied In Your Job Interview

Confused Adult Male Image courtesy of Imagerymajestic ID-10091477 Image courtesy of magerymajestic/

Image courtesy of Imagerymajestic

By Anna Mathieu, Redfish Technology

Unless you are a reporter, a recruiter, or other special personality, you probably don’t interview on a regular basis. An interview is a sales presentation, the company’s goal is to purchase (hire) a new employee and you want to be the choice. Honing any skill set requires practice and preparation.

You can practice with a friend or colleague by using a list of interview questions and asking your mock interviewer to change them up and throw some curve balls. You can practice aloud in the shower or in your car, answering classic questions that are likely to be asked, varying your vocabulary and presentation while hitting your main points. You can prepare by researching interview questions in your sector. has a list of 20 common interview questions, and Forbes a list of 50 questions, or search for your niche, ex. Java developer interview questions. (more…)

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