April 21, 2014

Why Employers Should Include a 48-Hour Expiration Date in an Offer Letter

By Meredith Dean, Executive Recruiter, IT Division

Meredith Dean, IT Recruiter

The whole point of any hiring process is to fill a current hiring need. The hiring process isn’t done until it’s done. That means getting the offer letter signed and assuring that the candidate arrives at the new employer on the appointed day.


So as soon as the ideal candidate is identified: make the offer, manage the variables, and minimize the risks to successfully hiring him/her. (more…)


March 17, 2014

Don’t Push Your Luck with a Leprechaun – Avoid Negotiating Yourself Out of an Offer

By Leah O’Flynn – Irish Lass and Tech Recruiter Extraordinaire

Did you know that you need to be very careful when negotiating with a leprechaun? Once you catch him or her, make sure your three wishes are reasonable and count your blessings. Don’t get ahead of yourself because you are “lucky”. (more…)


February 24, 2014

The Top Ten Things to Include in an Offer Letter

By Jon Piggins, Executive Recruiter, IT Sales & Marketing


Jon Piggins, IT Recruiter

Jon Piggins – IT Recruiter, Sales & Marketing

Offer letters are used to inform a prospective employee that he or she is being offered a position. The offer letter provides general expectations and basic terms of employment if the candidate accepts the offer.


Employment agreements are generally more formal documents that go into greater detail in defining an employment contract, such as setting forth the performance and duties and the remedy for any breach of contract.

What to Put in an Offer Letter

 1. Excitement

This is an exciting moment for both the candidate and the company, and the hire is not over until everyone has signed on the dotted line and the work has begun. So convey your excitement and close the deal!

Ex. On behalf of (Company), I am pleased to offer you employment on the terms and conditions set forth in this letter.  We look forward to working with you and believe that you can make a very significant, positive contribution to the success of (Company). Our company offers you an opportunity to put your experience, abilities, dedication, energy and creativity to excellent use. Welcome to the team! (more…)


May 13, 2013

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” by Logan Knight, IT Recruiter at Redfish Technology

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

Logan Knight

Logan Knight, IT Recruiter

The Sweet Counter Offer – When Your Employer Doesn’t Want You To Go

By Logan Knight, Executive Recruiter, IT Division

I am a big music fan and I just can’t seem to help hearing Joe Strummer rip through the chords of this classic every time I hear a candidate pose the question “Should I stay, should I take the counter offer?”

While it can be a tough decision, here are some things to consider.  Much of the time I am recruiting candidates who weren’t actively looking for a new role, there is a reason they went into an interview process. From the start of this process, I ask candidates to honestly evaluate the company and the opportunity, and I give them all the information I possess about the pros and cons, the challenges, the rewards, the culture, the perks, the work. And we discuss whether they want to move forward if offered a job.

As the tech sector continues to boil, it is only natural that companies are trying to retain employees with counter offers. But that doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Not for the candidate, and not for the company.

Please read my article on the pitfalls of taking a counter offer:

Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer

The Sweet Counter Offer, When Your Employer Doesn’t Want You To Go
The great majority of professionals who accept a counteroffer to stay are gone within a year, whether of their own volition or being asked to leave. There are a variety of reasons that staying for a counter offer goes so wrong!




Let me know what you think!


March 11, 2013

Negotiating Yourself Right Out of an Offer – By Rob Reeves

Rob Reeves, Recruiter, President, CEO

Rob Reeves, Recruiter, President, CEO

Negotiating Yourself Right Out of an Offer

By Rob Reeves, Executive Recruiter, President, CEO


So you fancy yourself a skilled negotiator? That will hopefully serve you well, just don’t negotiate yourself right out of an offer. We recently had a fantastic candidate who did just that.




It is important to understand that negotiating a job offer is the beginning of an important relationship between hiring manager and employee. “Don’t lose sight of the human part of negotiating.” cautions Rob Reeves, executive recruiter and CEO of Redfish Technology for over 17 years.


Salary negotiations can be challenging. The market is heating up for great sales, marketing and engineering talent in the technology sectors. Candidates often want a step up in salary when making a move. Even if you are the greatest thing since sliced bread, and you’ve got negotiating in your blood, listen up! (more…)

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