July 15, 2013

Resume Dos and Don’ts

Resume Check ListResume Dos and Don’ts

There are a number of things you want to consider when it comes to resumes.

Make sure your resume is up to date.  Craft it to respond directly to the position or company you are trying to engage. Quantify your results. Brand yourself with the take-away you want your reader to retain.

Don’t forget your relevant contact information and make sure that your resume is easy to read. Don’t go off point, in most case people do not want to hear about your political leanings, religious beliefs, or personal campaigns. Don’t fudge dates or lie on your resume.

Your resume is your key to getting in the door, make sure you do and don’t include certain things. To read the top seven dos and don’ts and other articles on resumes, check out the Job Seeker Resource section of the Redfish website.


Tell us what you think the top resumes dos and don’ts are in your experience!


February 25, 2013

4 Ways to Customize Your Resume Based on the Job Posting

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4 Ways to Customize Your Resume Based on the Job Posting

By Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

I’m sure you’ve heard me say before that it’s critically important to customize your resume when applying for positions—especially to online job postings. Hundreds of candidates apply to positions posted on job boards, and employers have become very savvy at weeding out those candidates who are not qualified. Or who at least do not appear to be qualified because of what is or is not (in most cases) on their resume. So I’m going to share some tips for making key adjustments to your resume to target it exactly for the position based on the job advertisement.

Search for keywords

Look for keywords throughout the job posting related to the position and then include those keywords on your resume. For example, customer service resume keywords might include: account relationship management, customer retention, customer management, order processing, process simplification, relationship management, or service benchmarks.

Incorporate Required Skills

Most position descriptions include required skills or qualifications. Ensure that you address within your resume your ability to meet and exceed these required skills. For example, if one of the position requirements is service delivery, don’t just say “responsible for service delivery”. Show the employer how you successfully delivered this by saying something similar to this: Restructured service delivery procedures, improving staff field time by 35% and increasing customer satisfaction ratings by 92%.

Include Education & Credentials

Is a degree required for the position? Then make sure that you put this information front and center on the resume. Especially if you recently obtained the degree or credential required. If you possess an M.B.A.—and it’s required for the position—a great way to showcase that is to put the degree next to your name at the top of your resume.

Always Address Requested Information

If the job ad requests that you provide salary requirements, be sure to include these on your cover letter. Additionally, if the posting asks for any other additional information such as hours of availability, samples of your work, etc., make sure you always provide what they are requesting so as not to exclude yourself from consideration.

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About the Author:

A nationally recognized resume expert, Jessica Holbrook Hernandez is President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast and a former human resources manager and recruiter. Author Website: http://www.greatresumesfast.com


Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by CollegeRecruiter.com, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.


December 3, 2012

Jumping Back Into the Employment Marketplace. By Greg Schreiner, Technology Recruitment Manager

Jumping Back Into the Employment Marketplace

Greg Schreiner, Recruiter Redfish Technology

Greg Schreiner, Technology Recruitment Manager, Redfish Technology

By Greg Schreiner, Technology Recruitment Manager


 If you’ve been unemployed, is this the right time to jump back in? The short answer is yes. In our view, it is always the right time to be employed! If you are a manager or executive, unless you are pursuing an advanced degree, nursing a loved one, climbing Everest, or making a lifetime trip across the globe, what would you rather be doing than keeping your skills sharp and making an impact in your favorite industry?



September 17, 2012

How New Graduates Distinguish Themselves in a New Job Market

How New Graduates Distinguish Themselves in a New Job Marketphoto of new graduate


By Clara Richman


A recent report by the Associated Press showed a shocking 53 percent of recent college graduates under 25 are either unemployed or have taken a job that does not require a bachelor’s degree. In such a volatile job atmosphere, how can grads of 2012 and 2013 stand out among the rest? (more…)


July 23, 2012

5 Reasons Why You Need More Than a Good Resume to Stand Out from the Crowd

5 Reasons Why You Need More Than a Good Resume to Stand Out from the Crowd

Source: CareerAlley

It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” – Whitney M. Young


You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that your resume is the most important document in your job search, and, that is so. But if you want to stand out from the competition, I say you need more than a great resume. In the end, only technically qualified candidates will get to interview for any open job. And, while your resume may (or may not) help you get in the door, you will need more than your resume to get the job. So, you may ask, what else do you need? Lots of research, interview preparation and (unfortunately), additional “documentation”. (more…)

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