May 20, 2013

The ZOPA of Hiring

Zone of Possible AgreementThe ZOPA of Hiring

By Sandy Cavitch


The ‘Zone Of Possible Agreement’ is not a physical place, but rather an area where two or more negotiating parties may find common ground. It is this area where parties will often compromise and strike a deal.


Every hire is a negotiation about an exchange, make it a success. The employee will be dedicating time, brains, effort, focus, and loyalty. The company will be paying salary, employment taxes, benefits, and investing in training and career development. What are each of these exchanges worth? (more…)


May 28, 2012

Personnel Mobilization Doctrine. By Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager

Personnel Mobilization Doctrine

Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager

Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager

By Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager



The term “Recruiting” originally meant “to enlist new soldiers”. Every army needs to replenish troops over time, and at certain times they need to grow their numbers to accomplish specific operations.


Militaries, to facilitate this process, have established recruiting commands. These units are solely responsible for increasing military enlistment. The mission of the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) is to recruit candidates for service. This process includes the recruiting, medical and psychological examination, induction, and administrative processing of potential service personnel. (more…)


April 30, 2012

The Dos and Don’ts of Interview Follow-Up

The Dos and Don’ts of Interview Follow-Up 

Beth Cliff

By Beth Cliff, IT Engineering Recruitment Manager, Redfish Technology

  Do call your recruiter.

When working with a recruiter, let that person know how it went. Give them a call shortly after the interview to give your impressions, discuss anything unexpected that came up, affirm your interest, and discuss next steps in the process. (more…)


February 20, 2012

What are Your Interview Takeaways?

Thumbs UpWhat are Your Interview Takeaways?

Job Interviews are not the most natural situation for most of us. Typically you are meeting the interviewer(s) for the first time, most likely in a new place with a company you don’t know intimately. You need to convince the person that you are the best person for a job that you have not practiced with that employer. And hopefully you only do this every few years, so you may not have had a lot of practice lately. Ug.

Whether you are speaking with a recruiter or a hiring manager, there are proven ways to make a good impression and effectively communicate who you are and what you have to offer. First of all, prepare several talking points (and don’t forget the last one like happened in a recent political debate). Have the main points you want to make to the interviewer down pat. This will allow you to say on point.

Identify the company’s or the hiring manager’s priorities ahead of time if possible, or at the outset of the interview. If you work with a recruiter or have an opening conversation, ask what those priorities to prepare for the interview. Dialogue with colleagues and industry professionals to learn about what the company/position/sector really needs to succeed. Research the company’s culture, track record and mission/vision. Now tailor your talking points to how your skills and abilities will fit the company’s needs and strategic vision.

Armed with your talking points, you should relax and dialogue naturally incorporating your message into your responses. If you are asked about your track record, know how your successes will match up with what the hiring manager needs from his next hire. If you are asked about previous challenges and how you overcame them, choose an example that shows that your decision making would be an asset for this company’s needs. Align your answers to support the takeaways that you want to leave with the interviewer.

Remember, this isn’t a social call, it is a sales pitch. You must sell yourself, your experience, your abilities, and your fit, while demonstrating how you meet the company’s needs and effectively communicating your takeaways.


Redfish offers a number of job serach and career managment articles on the Redfish website in the Candidate Resource Library. Check it out!


March 2, 2011

Determining Market Worth, By Beth Cliff, Executive Recruiter, Redfish Technology

Determining Market Worth

Beth Cliff

Beth Cliff

By Beth Cliff,  Executive Recruiter, High Tech Engineering Talent Manager

Knowing what you are worth in the marketplace, or determining how to compensate a prospective employee can be a daunting proposition. Candidates want to obtain the optimum salary, while employers want to fairly compensate their new hires within their allotted budgets. The magic number that will leave both sides feeling good about their decision is in large part determined by the ever changing marketplace.

Over the past couple of years, I have seen some interesting trends in the marketplace. It’s no secret that finding your dream job, and corresponding compensation, the past few years hasn’t been easy. Many talented professionals found themselves unexpectedly looking for new roles. (more…)


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