February 2, 2015

Decoding the Software Engineer: Code Testing in the Hiring Process

Decoding the Software Engineer

Code Testing in the Hiring Process

By Jon Piggins, Executive Recruiter, IT Division

Jon Piggins, IT Recruiter

Jon Piggins – IT Recruiter


Tech recruiting is all about matching culture and skill sets. We are not engineers or coders, we are business solution drivers. And let’s face it, even in a small startup tech company, not everyone is a techie. So how do we find the best technical & engineering talent out there for growth-mode tech companies?


We network with development talent, vet prospective candidates often before we ever reach out to them, and we onboard prospects from the get-go – which is easy to do as we only work with companies that we believe in and are excited about, a luxury we are proud and grateful to have.


When it comes time to verify the technical skills of the candidates we work with, there are a variety of methods. (more…)


August 11, 2014

Saying ‘I Do’ to the Recruiting Process

Saying ‘I Do’ to the Recruiting Process

It’s a CommitmentSaying I Do to the Recruiting Process - It’s a Commitment


The hardest part of recruiting is not finding the specific purple squirrel. It is not sourcing and screening candidates. It is not communicating the corporate culture or the company mission. It is not coordinating telephone and onsite interviews. It’s not even negotiating the employment package. It’s getting the commitment of the hiring powers.


Funny how this should be the easy part. Once a decision to hire has been made, once the method by which that hiring process will be conducted has been decided, the company should be ready to roll. But it is not always the case.


“Companies and hiring managers need to understand and give themselves to the hiring process knowing it will take time away from everyday operations,” states Mike Curry, Tech Recruiter (more…)


September 3, 2012

Hiring Hurricane – 5 Tips for Managing the Urgent Hire

Hiring Hurricane – 5 Tips for Managing the Urgent Hire


The tech sector is fast paced and always evolving. Hiring in such an environment can be fast and furious when the sales season is ramping up, the project deadlines are set, new releases are ramping up. The hiring process when done with urgency can feel like a hurricane. How do you hire talent in a fast paced environment without succumbing to the storm?


Here are 5 tips for managing the hiring process when urgency has taken hold: (more…)


August 20, 2012

“What is Your Management Style?” Asked the Interviewer

“What is Your Management Style?”
Asked the Interviewer

The Redfish Technology Team - Executive Recruiters - High Tech & Cleantech

The Redfish Technology Team

by the Redfish Technology staff

 Are you prepared to present your management savvy and experience in your next interview? Here are some questions to consider in preparing for the interview.



July 16, 2012

Managing Expectations: A Prerequisite to Successful Hiring. By Heidi Clark, COO, CHO, Redfish Technology, Inc.

Managing Expectations:A Prerequisite to Successful Hiring

Heidi Clark, COO, CHO (Chief Humanity Officer)

Heidi Clark, COO, CHO (Chief Humanity Officer)

By Heidi Clark, COO, CHO


One of the key competencies of an executive recruiter is that of setting expectations, yours and mine.

The recruiter is out there acting as an emissary for a company. She must embody the corporate values and ethics of his client, she must create enthusiasm and motivation for the opportunity. When reaching out to both potential candidates and professionals who may refer the next candidate, the recruiter is representing the company brand. The better the collaboration and communication between the hiring manager and the recruiter, the more successful the process. (more…)

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